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Is she Wreally

interested ?


That's a Million Dollar Question !!!

Is She Wreally Wreally Interested ?
  • Are you in a state of dilemma regarding the girl of your dreams?

  • Are you getting mixed messages from the girl you've flipped for?

  • Are you wanting to know whether the girl would say 'Yes' when you cough your proposal out?

  • Is she wreally interested … or just flirting… or just interested in adding a dead feather in her cap?

Well there are ways by which you can get an indication of her true feelings. Check them out…

  • If she's attracted to you she'll respond to your advances however few girls prefer to test you before they give in.

  • If she has a 'tell all' attitude that radiates deep levels of intimacy, you can be pretty sure that she is interested in you.

  • If she starts wearing perfume or gives extra care to her outfit just to be with you, you can be sure that she is interested in you.

  • If she does 'what not' to be with you, you can be sure that she would say your dream word 'Yes' on proposal.

  • If she promises to give you anything what you desire for…What the hell are you waiting for buddy?

Watch out:

  • Psychologically, mind desires what is not available easily. It is true with fairer sex too. If she senses that you are available for her, she will crave somebody else. So relax!

  • Maintain a reserve of mind and heart, a privacy of personality, stay strange a bit, if you want her real attention.

  • Get out of that vicious circle to do 'What not' to be with her so that you can impress her more and then will make yourself unavailable and wait for her reaction.

  • There always comes a time in such situations wherein you must proceed further else you are typecast as a 'friend'.

  • Do not pile on too heavily. Allow her to respond naturally.

  • Go half the way and let her make the efforts to come half the way to you. It has to be mutual, isn't it?

  • If she just eggs you on at times while at other times simply ignores you then you should realise that she does not want to et serious. She may just like to flirt with you but not commit.

It's like fishing with a net buddy! You put the bait and wait for the fish to swim in. The bait doesn't go behind the fish. You must create the desire in the fish to have the bait, if at all you wish to sample the fish.



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