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Sexually Yours !

Hi Naughty!

She's the girl of your dreams. You weighed hundreds of times before proposing. You did 'what not' just to get her love and affection, coughed your proposal out and she 'somehow' accepted. Now she is all yours but the million-dollar question which keeps whaling the nights outta you is - How to get closer to her?

You have held her in your arms, kissed her, caressed her, explored her a little and now have this uncontrollable urge to graduate!

Yeah! You are unable to get a proper night's sleep fantasizing 'bout the two of you intimately together.

Do not make the mistake of forcing even the slightest of your sexual desires on her. She should not think you are greedy and after sex. Let it come naturally.

Sex is the most intimate expression of committed love, which binds two people together. What is not expressed in words is communicated by touch.

Yet, if not comprehended correctly, it has the opposite effect. It then actually hinders the development of solid communication.

The Unintended Result:

  • Men's desire for sex sometimes results in intimacy;

  • Men often go looking for sex and end up finding love;

  • Women's desire for intimacy often results in sex;

  • Women often go looking for love and end up finding only sex.

Now let's get a few facts straight:

The female psyche:

What does a female want from the male in her life? This is a natural curiosity in most of the males.

  • Whatever her action, a girl usually never wants to lose her sense of respect.

  • When a guy pushes a girl too far, she loses her trust in him. Her trust has resulted in her exploitation. She feels used.

  • It goes without saying that girls are emotional beings first. Of course, they have their normal sexual urges, but they are present in them in their subdued form.

  • But, it is also a fact that a female also wishes to carry on with a healthy sex life. If she does not do so, it does not mean that she doesn't want it. In truth, there is a reason why she keeps away from it. The reasons might vary from an orthodox upbringing to fear of losing her virginity to just plain shyness.

  • She usually requires a lot of cajoling before she consents. It includes a solid emotional backup.

  • For a girl, trust and respect pay huge dividends later on in a relationship. And, she's actually not far from the truth in believing this.

  • A word for the guys here - the girl in your life is very delicate material. Handle her with care!

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