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Litmus Test !

Before making a proposal ya've to be sure of your success. It gotta hit the bulls' eye. The day you start sending signals through eyes, body language and words, they'll be decoded by the female. They've marvelous antennas.

( There could be various tricks, presented below is one of them! )

Try these:

  • Shop for the ingredients of the cake. Each time you meet, give her something. Anything small yet cute will suffice.

  • One fine day, tell her that she looks extremely good in 'that' dress. Wail out loud 'Couldja puhlease wear it for me on Monday? ' (Minimum 3 days after, the dress could be at laundry). She will pick up the hint.

  • If she complies, compliment her again. By now, you've actually proposed 25% without having proposed.

  • Listen to your inner self, the voice is feeble but very clear.

  • While you bake your cake to a beautiful golden brown, Wait and Watch. You'll receive signals from her end. Reply ASAP.

  • When the cake is ready, tell her you wanna (talk) eat it, and when she is free for about 2 hours etc. She will know why. She will ask you 'What about?' Maintain her curiosity level.

  • WAIT! The time to devour it has yet not arrived. Remember the icing? Its yet not done, sweetheart.

  • Use the Yo- Yo effect. On the morning of 'that' day, tell her that you'll talk to her later. Observe her reaction. For her repeated askance, Why? Why? Why? Just clam up. At last, tell her "Okay I'll tell you when I become something or later ASAP, I hope you can wait till then". That's the strongest hint.

  • Introduce a short time gap. If she's really interested, she will come and ask you, 'Okay tell me, what did you want to discuss?' Tell her that you want something from her that she'll probably not give. Cajole her into agreeing to give you whatever you ask for. Take her promise - The promise has to be taken hand to hand - palm top to palm down. Give her as many indirect clues as you want. She oughtta get the message CLEAR.

  • Wait & wait. Be patient. She will soon be after you.

  • Now you have got the icing part on your cake. Sink your teeth in! (Please Read Copyright Notice, Disclaimer Policy & Privacy Policy)