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What to do ?

Girl Oozing Out !

Sometimes in your relationship you feel that your girl with the will-o'-the-wisp quality is not in your grip & you sense that you will loose her.

No matter what you do, is she cute enough to delay the 'talk'?

  • Does she tactfully avoid the discussion, whenever you bring up the topic?

  • Does this make her uncomfortable?

  • Does she seem unsure of herself?

  • Does she seem to be oozing out of your hand?

  • Though you love this female with your all your heart does she appear untouched?

  • Does she seem to keep all her options open?

  • Your future appears to be dark and unhappy without her?

  • You are not able to live properly?

  • Damn even breathe? (Need artificial respiration, huh?)

  • You can't not eat, drink or pee?

It's just that you have finally arrived at a crossroad. Here you need to decide which road to take. Remember, for once there is no right or wrong involved.

Here are few tips 'n tricks to get the truth out of her and make her 'Talk'.

  • Join some hobby classes. Try taking a few swimming lessons at the time of the day that you normally spent with her. Yeah! Heat up the things, baby. This is only an example. The idea is to make her feel that your attention is shifting to something/someone else and that there is something more important to you than being with her (For instance, hot brunettes in hotter swimsuits).

  • This will get the idea across to her that there is more to your life than merely rotating around her. She will feel that you are drifting away from her and eventually it will be her who'll need time to 'talk' to you.
    If she does, 'Swimming classes' serve your purpose. If she doesn't, you learn to 'Swim' and mebbe get to know a few hot babes as well.

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