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Face Reading !

Wanna know what kind of a personality you are with from physical features?

  • Is he romantic, possessive, clever, self centered or sexy?

Read on… Know about your partner's persona.


The eyes reveal your intelligence and your attractiveness to other people. 

  • Large eyes are generally considered more favorable, according to the art of Chinese face reading. They are associated with intelligence, shrewdness. Tend to be aroused quickly, imagines unusual erotic games but might need a little push to act them out.

  • Small thin lines running under the lower eyelid constantly ready for arousal, voracious sexual appetite (usually for members of the same sex), enjoys frequent masturbation, not restricted by sexual taboos (any time, place, practice, combination)

  • Wide set eyes: Tolerant

  • Small eyes: Tends to be jealous in relationships.

  • Downward slanting eyes: A devoted lover - happily lets partner to dominate.

  • Protruding eyes: Has a very marked sexual appetite, will try anything to satisfy it, usually an egotistical lover.

  • Mixed eye color (Black-brown): Patient lover who takes care of partner's wishes.

  • Pale eyes: Needs the stimulus of something new in order to reach orgasm.

  • Dark eyes: Enjoys intense and varied sex, once drawn out of reserve there's no stopping.

  • Large Iris: Expressive, demonstrative and sensitive, fall in love easily - think from the heart.

  • Small Iris: Incommunicable, egotistic, self centered, unemotional.


The eyebrows can reveal one's destiny at the start of the middle years. The space between them is particularly important.

In general:

  • Long, thick eyebrows: Considered good, and the wider the space between the eyebrows, the better.

  • Eyebrows that grow together: Pain is his greatest pleasure, enjoys suffering.

  • Eyebrows evenly curved in the shape of a new moon: Has a high sexual tension, obsessed with sex in youth (especially if the eyebrows are very dark).

  • Large space between the eyebrows: Inhibited and shies away from sex.

  • Close-set eyebrows: Jealous in relationships.

  • Thick eyebrows: Passionate lover but rarely has a permanent relationship.

  • Very thick eyebrows: New erotic experiences, very sensitive.

  • Flat eyebrows: Shrewd and direct.

  • Thin eyebrows: May have trouble being enthusiastic about sex.

  • Downward-sloping eyebrows: Inhibited lover, needs dominant active partner.

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