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How to ask

her out

for a date?


Wanna get
Rolling ?

Dating !
  • You know this girl just a little bit but you don't know how to ask her out?

  • She is a friend of yours but now you Wanna date her!

  • You know the girl quite well but you do not know how to ask her for a date.

The good news is: You know the girl! Half the sweat is already off!

The bad news is: If you have made the mistake of being her 'friend' too long, you run the risk of being type-cast into that role forever.

How to get the date ball rolling?

  • Women love heart to heart chats. Since you know her already steer the conversation to more intimate subjects.

  • Discuss each other's feelings on issues that are close to your heart.

  • Find out what are the things she enjoys doing?

  • Tell her that you'll share some common passions. For example you two may love listening to pop music or dance, read books, watch movies, jog, swim or any other.

  • Exchange books and cassettes with each other and share your feelings about them. Subtle hints or indications of your interest can be passed in between your interaction. This will prepare her for a more direct approach.

  • Suggest that since you two love swimming or jogging, you both can go down together. Just have fun! Don't pile on too heavily.
    While returning from swimming pool or jogging drop in at a coffee shop casually.

  • Next time there is a movie or a pop band in town that she's crazy about, ask her out.

  • If she has accepted the movie/concert offer - next time ask her for a date with you to the discotheque (i.e. only if you know for sure that she likes dancing). If she doesn't care for the discotheque take her out to dinner at her favorite joint.

Definition of Stripper!
A female who doesn't let her left hand know what her right hand is undoing;
An actress who goes on stage with a strapless gown and ends her performance with a gown-less strap.

  • In case you come up with a flat refusal don't feel like a punctured tyre! Take heart. If you hadn't tried you would have been without her in any case.

  • In case she was secretly interested in you, you would have missed the bus if you took too long to ask.

  • ASKING her out is definitely worth the risk.

Go through the steps suggested above. Don't be too sudden or blunt. Don't just pop up like "Jack in the box"!
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