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How to 


your girl?


Hey buddy !
Lower her ???

How to impress your girl?

A girl wants a boyfriend, not a stick pad. If the girl knows that she can always have you, she will never want you! By now, she must know, that you like her, but if you show that you like her too much and keep being the aggressor, you will smother her. In turn, she will run for the hills. So, how to patao her? Here goes: 


  • IN DEMAND: In the early stages the girl in question will definitely ask you about your girl friends. The obvious answer that comes into your head is to say 'No', You are mistaken. Be in demand buddy! Reply roundabouts, "Yeah! l have friends, we do things together, enjoy together". Top it with "You too must be having boy friends". Do NOT tell her that you were never in demand.

A bachelor is one who thinks he is a thing of Beauty and a Boy forever.

  • TRACING BLANK CALLS: Survey says women give more blank calls than men. They cannot live without it. Install a caller Id machine in your instrument. Do not tell this even to your best friend. Once she knows about the same you will lose out on a GREAT factor. They cost about Rs.500/- - worth it buddy!

  • VICIOUS CIRCLE: You are mad in love - If you show it soon, she will drift further. You feel you need more and more time to impress her. If you tell each and every thing about yourself - you no longer remain a mystery. There always comes a time in such situations wherein you must proceed further else you are typecast as a 'friend'. Get out of that vicious circle.

  • LEAVE HER THIRSTY: There comes a time during conversations when the atmosphere is charged, she is enjoying your company, the intimate moment demands more and more… Excuse yourself. Leave her thirsty…

  • YOUR IDENTITY: Create an identity of your own. Be a little different. Any style that suits you may be chosen. It is said, "if you want to worship - worship in Sanskrit, if you want to love - love in Urdu". Learn some 40 - 50 common words of Urdu and keep juggling them. They sound great.

  • SET TIME FRAMES: Remember if she wants to be with you, she will do 'what not' to be close to you. Have patience. Make targets - I will call her after three days… wait buddy wait… there are fair chances that you may receive her call if at all you are heading in the right direction.

  • LEAVE HER OUT: Keep doing something or the other which does not involve her. You could have but you did not. She will soon seek your company.

  • ATTENDING TO HER PROBLEMS: Listen to her attentively. If she has a problem, encourage her to talk. Let her finish. Don't jump in and start pouring your suggestions. If she is revealing her problems, which you feel are delicate ones i.e., hard to say, don't look into her eyes. Look down or sideways or prefer to have a small walk side by side. It is really difficult to reveal problems when someone is prying into your eyes. If it gets increasingly difficult for her to pour it all out, gently press her shoulder, arm. Or simply press her hands. This is to symbolize your support. Once she is done with, comfort her. Make that problem yours. Solve it logically and rationally. Be a 'mentor' to her. If you are successful in becoming her mentor, you are through.

  • GIFTS: Avoid gifts in the early stages of friendship. It can be reflected in hundred subtle ways. Go out for dinner, buy tickets to shows etc. If you must - let it be a creative idea rather than buying expensive gifts.

  • OBSERVE: In due course of your friendship observe the way she makes a decision. Once the decision is made, can it be changed? This process should be clear to you before making the proposal.

  • TIMING: Most of your ideas of impressing her may fail, not because they are bad ideas, not because they are presented poorly but because the timing is not correct. It is actually your sixth sense, which tells you about the right time to pitch the idea. Perfection requires a continuous practice. How to do, when to do & what time to do, what time to say, how to say etc.

  • MAKEUP AND PERFUMES: If your friend starts wearing makeup and perfume just to be with you, she now looks great, makes extra effort to her outfit which she never did before, you should be sure that she would say "YES" on proposal.

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