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of a girl !


What you should do ?

  • CAUTION FIRST: She might just be flirting with you or being plainly friendly. GO SLOW, baby! Just be casual and affable initially.

  • GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT: All human beings are a maze of emotions. Females are no different, maybe a degree more complex. It might simply be a case of her needing that extra bit of stimulation every now and then.

  • THE BASIC FRAMEWORK: It is a constant game of tug-of-war inside. A very trying contest amidst attraction & repulsion, love & hatred, wanting & not wanting, approach & holding back, push & pull all at once.


    The Lure: Its really all in the mind. The most important thing for any individual is what (s)he does not have. It is true with females too. You are so interesting to be with, so alluring, simply charming, an adorable pet and Gawd knows what more. Your relationship with her is so exciting. You guys simply have to be made for each other.

    b) Trap the Lure: Yeah! For once lots of efforts go into baiting and securing the lure. She in due course would be pushing you so hard that she would do almost anything just to make you 'in love' with her.

    c) You, Who? : The moment you declare your love she starts thinking of space, freedom or the other guy. She feels you are crazy about her and is now not so sure about you. The moment it becomes a sure thing - Lo! - The thrill is gone. This is again an internal conflict a female often suffers. The qualities she adored in your personality now become negative. You are damn punctual, Organised !!! Principles!!! Tidy!!! Horrible to love!!! She wishes you to be maturer. She now starts considering your negatives - the glass is half-empty. She feels adventure & excitement is oozing out, that she has made a mistake.

    d)You being unaware of her internal conflict are religiously involved with her feelings - in love. She in turn has started considering the other things. This often happens in an average time of 6 months. She feels it is infatuation and wants to get out of it. She tries to 'renegotiate' the affair. She stops returning your calls, is late, and forgets dates, doing all kind of odd things. She starts thinking all kind of things like, What if you stop loving her? What if she loses you? What if you don't marry her? And so on. Anxiety is a part of their psychological make up.

  • WAY OUT: In such a case, stop calling her, stop meeting her, avoid her, make her miss you badly. Give your affair more time, give more breathing space, and move away from the feeling of 'infatuation'.
    All the internal conflicts reverse in your favor the moment she learns that you are going away, not interested & that she is loosing your love. She will miss you badly and obsessed she will try to win you back.

Hats off to the fairer sex ! Mind your signals...

  • Females have marvelous antennas.

  • A lady may not understand the love and lure coming on her way but she rarely misunderstands the dejection and gloominess. Check your feelings and signals too.

  • Mere Touch: A female with a little experience understands the sentiments flowing in your plasma by the feel of your 'mere touch'. The moment you put your hand on her hand, by the warmth of your touch she will know whether you are making a question or requesting something, demanding reassurance or offering sympathy, asking pardon or giving mercy, starting love or ending endearment, inviting or saying goodbye, deceiving or educating her, whether it is a touch of affection or disaffection, excitement & stimulation or betrayal and deceit. (Please Read Copyright Notice, Disclaimer Policy & Privacy Policy)