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Telephone Calls!!


Wanna lower
With your
Gift of the gab ?

First few telephone calls !

If you've passed the physical attraction test with the women - LUCKY YOU! You have crossed 'Hurdle No. 1', that accounts for about 41%. Now it's the turn of your art of conversation, etiquette's, confidence, humor, intelligence and your personality impact as a whole.

By now you must have learnt her phone number by heart since the introduction part is over.

  • Your Voice on the Phone: Deep, controlled voice on a fair level of audible range is very seductive and creates a deep impact. If you have it fine. If not - try this:
    Practice the Uccharan of 'Om'. Take a deep breath, concentrate & speak 'Om' in such a manner that it comes out from your throat deep down and resonates in your body all over. Exhale slowly.
    Take another deep breath and start again. Repeat for at least 20 times - minimum 5 times a day. Do not go slack. You'll notice a marked change in your voice within a month.

  • Always speak into the telephone. Mind the distance between your mouth and the mouthpiece of the instrument - it should be maximum 1 inch.

  • Good quality telephone instruments transmit better quality of your voice and viceversa.

Now it's time to impress her with your "gift of the gab".

  • Don't leave more than two days gap since the day you all first met to call her up.

  • The first time you call her up - do call at a decent hour, preferably in the evening. Excuse yourself for having disturbed her.

  • Greet her with a smile. It is reflected in your tone and the person on the other end can know that and visualize you.

  • Discuss your last meeting (in this case your first with her). Talk on subjects pertaining to that day. Say - "It has been nice meeting you".

  • Keep the conversation short and sweet. Use humour. Ask questions… Let her talk. This helps her in opening up and in shedding her psychological barrier. She should not feel you are piling on too heavily. Else she'll want you off her back.

  • Sense your moment. You should be the one to end the conversation.

  • The second and third time you call do not let your conversation get too personal. Have lighthearted talks on mutual interests. The duration of your call should not be too long either.

  • By now you would be knowing her routine adequately. Call her up at a time when she's free and doesn't have anything to do. She'll be more relaxed and will have the time to talk to you.

  • If she likes you she'll be friendly and prolong the conversation. If she doesn't like your advances she'll be the abrupt and reserved.

  • If she's equally interested as you are, she'll definitely call you up. This is the time you can ask for a date. Arrange to meet each other somewhere you'd both feel at ease and enjoy.

  • Don't call her up too frequently. Her parents may have an objection. She too may get fed up.

  • Finally DON'T give blank calls.



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