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How to


about her?


Know her !
Observe her !
Ask Yourself !

Know the cat !

Actually start exploring her. You naughty boy, No, not literally.

This is a very demanding phase & overlooking or ignoring it will often lead to frustrations & confusions at a later stage. You've gotta pose a good number of questions both to yourself and to your sweetheart (very casually).



  • Does she stimulate you intellectually? Is she reasonable, & rational? [After all, you've gotto deal with her in day to day affairs].

  • Is she mentally compatible with you?

  • Does she fulfill her commitments?

  • Does she smile and laugh easily? A great positive.

  • Does she have guts to accept her mistakes? Does she blame others? Does 'I am sorry' & "Thank You" Come easily to her.

  • Does she listen to you when you are expressing your point of view? Does she interrupt you?

  • What are her future plans? Are they coherent with her education & personality? Can she reach her goals or are they alien dreams just to impress you?

  • Has she ever hurt your sentiments or at least overlooked them or disrespected them and communicated them to others? If yes! Watch out!!!

  • Does she impose herself on you?

  • Does forgiveness come easily to her?

  • Once she makes a decision can it be changed? Her decision making process needs your in-depth analysis.

  • Does she have a habit of pulling legs? Might prove to be a big bugger later.

  • Is she showing an equal interest in knowing about you? If yes! You should take care in projecting your true self. Else, the end result would be heart breaking. No point showing off. If she can accept you as you are, your life together will be quite a cakewalk.


  • The way she carries herself, the way she greets you, the way her eyes light up when she looks at you (or is it someone else, huh?) or talks over the phone- her personality as a whole.

  • Try to know what makes her irritated or impatient?

  • Know about her family & its background, family members, etc.

  • The way she treats a waiter in a restaurant speaks volumes about her.


  • Do I feel comfortable in her company?

  • Am I able to express myself?

  • Can I really be my true self with her?

  • Am I truly able to laugh heartily when together? (Please Read Copyright Notice, Disclaimer Policy & Privacy Policy)