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Boomerang !

How to get

her back


your arms  ?

How to get her back into your arms ?
  • What do you do if your ladylove waves a smart little good bye to you after a short span of going around with you?

  • You are damn involved, mad in love with her, get regular bouts of insomnia, are anorexic and have become real Majnu while she appears to be oozing out and one day she is gone. FINALLY.

Now imagine that your girl has gone - your dreams are shattered and you are literally left like a beggar.

Beta Devdas, what d'ye do, huh?


Play your cards right.

  • First thing is never say anything out of anger that alarms her and sets her mood off permanently. There is still a chance to win her back.

  • Don't panic. Even if you do, don't show it.

  • Don't commit the mistake of giving her too much 'bhaav'.

  • Get a laid-back attitude for once. Once you do it successfully, the surprise element will prod her, compel her to turn back and cast a glance in your direction. On finding you unconcerned she'll retrace a few steps and watch a bit more carefully. No reactions. She'll come as close as possible and never be able to go back on finding the deep well of love in you.

Keep these few emotional aces up your sleeve. The fairer sex is more sentimental and you can always work a bit on her emotions just to get your love back. Done for the right cause there's nothing wrong in it.

However, a lot depends on the causes that made her drift apart.

Tip 'n Trick # 01:

Talk it out with her. Nothing is better than a good heart-to-heart where the two of you scream it out to each other. Of course making it up with a passionate kiss and a big warm hug.

Tip 'n Trick # 02:

Your real 'Sentastra': This is the weapon that rarely misses- your Brahmastra for all reasons. All seasons. Do not let her know that you are sharpening the weapon.

Write each & every thing that goes on between the two of you daily in a diary even if you could not meet or talk to her. Maintain it date wise. Where you met her, the time you met, how she looked, what she wore, the time either of you called each other, what she talked, what you said, etc. In the end, spice it up with your own feelings and comments, etc.

Be true to your feelings.

Ideally the diary should start from the day you saw her & the rest of the story date wise, if possible. If not, then just write the entire story till date & then continue date wise.

Once she's gone, all you do is- present all the diaries to her along with a real senti letter with her word of honor that she will read the entire thing.

Her Reaction:

NOW-Wait for her call. What actually happens is when she starts reading them she goes back through each & every single day past as if in a time machine. She remembers the good time she has enjoyed with you, the tricks you two played just to be together for some time, and the kisses you shared. The dreams she had woven with you come in her mind. She gets rejuvenated.

Now her heart machine starts working. She tells herself that yes it is YOU who has taken so many pains in writing that stuff. For whom? It shows all your love and affection. She should come back, she has to come back and she will come back.

Clear any misunderstandings between the two of you before presenting the stuff.

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