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Questions !!!

Be prepared to answer the darting questions once you are through with "I Love You". The girl in question now holds the strings - tossing here & there, and you dance like a monkey. It might be any of these:

  • Why?

  • Why me? (Phokat ka maal hai kya?)

  • Since when?

  • What is so unique about me?

  • You equally loved your old girl friend? What if you dump me too?

  • Will you marry me?

  • My parents / Brother will not approve of our relationship.

  • What about your parents?

  • We belong to different castes!

  • I do not know you so well.

  • How well do you know me? Blah, blah… Ward 'em off.

The beans once spilled, the lady in question may appear to be nervous. This may be because of two reasons:

  • She may wish to decline but possibly doesn't know how to, without hurting you.
    If this is the case you will know then and there.

  • That she is about to make a commitment of her lifetime. It is natural & justified. She will seek time. Time to think, time to counsel etc.

Whhaaaat ?

Did you
get her 'okhay' ?

Oohh la la !!

YIPEE! So the love of your life has stepped out of your dreams, straight into your life. You are now into an altogether new dimension of life with so much to think so much to plan. But HEY! be careful, there's still DANGER AHEAD.

  • D'ye now feel like telling the world about it? Or mebbe flash the info across the continents, courtesy CNN? RELAX, sweetheart. Simply SHUT UP! Do not disclose to anyone except your best friend, if need be. Allow your love to mature before her body builder big bro learns about the same.

  • Do not start making excessive telephone calls to her house, visiting her house or it's environs and what not! Grow up, kiddo. Maintain privacy of heart and a reserve of personality.

  • Getting her 'Okay' does not mean that she has become your wife from day 1. She can still dump you at the next garbage heap any time. You still have to make her yours.

  • She should not find you to be a different person. 'The Person She Loved & Adulated' should not get lost.

  • Discourage any psychological games being played.

  • It might just get really difficult to talk to her as couples become very conscious of each other. The best of friends, at times, do not know what to say next. Get rid of this 'Conscious' factor. It's a good idea to jot down a few pointers. This vanishes with a certain time lapse.

  • Treat her with tenderness. Win her confidence. Melt her defenses against you. Don't make the mistake of making sexual advancements. Let it come naturally.

  • Its okay to indulge into very light physical touches, only when the two of you are comfy together and she doesn't resent your advances. Be careful. Understand her. Don't hurry. Wait for the right time to arrive. There is always that another chance.

Be serious towards your career. If you do not take your career seriously, you might just end up getting dumped!



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