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How to develop Your Knowledge ?

(How to impress her through the variety of knowledge?)


  • She needs to be mentally stimulated 'coz, it is the mental compatibility, which will make the two of you truly belong to each other. She should know that your uppermost story is not vacant. For that, you'll actually need to have something there.

  • A mind arching against its own segment of sky is as graceful and poignant to behold as a body doing so. A mind that is skilled is at harmony with itself. There's no gluttony involved. Neither any grudges nor diffidence while giving. It has learned the value of waiting yet knows when not to wait. It attains the graces of easy gestures and luster brought together by a smooth blend of pride with peace.


  • Study something, learn something, risk more than your mind permits, care about something, become something - if at all you want your love.

  • You should know the impression that you wish to leave and how to go about it. Most of the people who create very strong impressions just don' know that they are creating impressions. But negative.

  • READ, read and read. There's really no substitute for this. It is a great advantage to be a wide reader. The areas to be read include even seemingly insignificant topics like- Spirituality, Psychology, Palmistry, Zodiac, Graphology, Body Language, Occult Science, Computers, Internet, Hypnotism and the like. Impress her with variety.

  • Try to know her topics of interest. Get books on those topics & study them deeply. In doing so, you will get a chance to acquire knowledge and amuse the person whose happiness you hold dear.

  • Try to create the circumstances in a manner such that the topic comes from her end & you get a chance to display your ability. Wait for the right moment to come. Don't jump. If the timing is not proper, wait for the next time. Take care to tread this road with caution. It should not seem like boasting. Don't make her feel small.

  • Study people. This keeps you ahead of most of the people.

  • Knowing something about body language is a must. Watch 'Live Interviews' on Television. Observe how people react to tough questions. Note their expressions. With a little practice, you can easily mark the questions that make a person uncomfortable, where (s)he resorts to lies or conceals information etc.

  • Reading novels like The Godfather, If Tomorrow Comes & The Day of the Jackal will change your personality drastically (if at all you want to) and it will be easier for you to understand people.

  • Develop good communication skills. Communicating right is the backbone of your personality.

  • Didja know preppie that Spirituality has the greatest Sensuousness? Try it, to know it.


  • ARGUING TO WIN: Remember, you can win an argument with her but you loose her or create a negative impression. Be logical yet reasonable.

  • WRONG TIMING: Don't start off with Freud's philosophy the day she's fired from work. There's every possibility that it backfires.

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