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How to


a girl?


Different strokes !
Different people !
Different times !

How to Approach a Girl !

There she is. Just a few steps away... Looking gorgeous, laughing and chatting away with her friends, unaware that a person is waiting around with his heart beating wildly ... unable to walk the few steps to reach her. Yet, you so desperately want to talk to her.

  • Are you tapping your head to find at least one sensible reason to approach her?

  • Are you afraid of the icy cool glance she may throw your way?

  • Are you apprehensive of being rudely snubbed which can shatter your dreams in the fraction of a second?

Hang on! Wipe your cold sweat... and check this out. This may be just what you are looking for:

  • Firstly - Pre decide that you are going to approach 10 girls and  8 out of them are going to turn you down. This psychological makeup helps those who need courage.

  • Secondly just shake yourself up, get up and move. If you don't help yourself nobody can. There is a saying - 'God helps those who help themselves.' So REACH OUT!

  • Thirdly - Learn to DARE. Go up and talk to the person you want to. If you don't some one else will. And she will remain a stranger to you for the rest of your life. Remember 'There has to be a beginning somewhere'.

  • Lastly - Take the response sportingly. Never mind if you are snubbed. You'll at least get the satisfaction of having tried.


People are not machines. Therefore there is always a right approach, a right time, a right situation and the right things to say - to different persons.


There is a girl in your class and every time you see her. Your heart skips a beat. How do you befriend her to begin with?

  • If she has been absent on a particular day offer to help her out.

  • Enter into a common discussion with her like movies, books, the latest event in town, the TV program she views, preparation for the board exam, career planning etc.

  • DON'T seem to be overanxious to please her (through you may want to desperately).

  • Once you have gained her confidence you'll can exchange phone numbers.

  • DON'T plague her with phone calls or blank calls.

  • Remember always stay within you limits. DON'T be too 'pushy' with a girl. She'll run away!

  • Have fun ... gain a good friend. You both are too young for a commitment.


  • The best way to approach a girl is by getting an INTRO through someone.

  • In case you can't get an INTRO you will have to approach her directly.


a) In the Library:

Find out which book she has borrowed. Ask for the same book at the library. On this pretext you can approach her and ask her politely when she would be returning the book? Explain to her how coincidental it is that you are looking for the same book. This is an easy way to at least break the ice.

b) At the Canteen: This would be the best place to establish eye contact.

  • If the girl is not looking disgusted ... you have a remote chance.

  • If she returns your gaze and holds it for 4 to 5 seconds and smiles, it means that she finds you attractive.

  • If you often find her looking your way and not averting her gaze when you look into her eyes - be sure she's interested in you.

c) At the Campus:

If a girl (whom you are interested in) happen to drop a hanky, leave behind a book or any other belonging take the opportunity to return it to her. If it's raining offer her your umbrella or raincoat. That's another wonderful opportunity!!

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