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Proposal !

Grownd Work for Proposal !


  • Pre-decide that you are going to propose to 3 females and that you are going to fail 2 times. This will help you in approaching her, justifying your proposal and coping up, if required.

  • Beware of advisors. Keep away from any advisory committee even if it comprises of your best friends.

  • Do not even dare to dream of asking anyone else to propose on your behalf. This sends a signal that you do not have pluck enough.

  • If she requires months of acquaintance, do not propose in weeks.

  • Girls are subtle creatures. Not only do they catch signals, they send 'em too.

  • Prefer to talk personally, eyeball to eyeball. You get to know her reaction and have a chance to answer her queries immediately. You can be charmingly & gently persuasive. This situation often arises.

  • Never be drunk at the time of proposal. You may smoke, if that's okay by her. She should know in advance that you are an occasional or a regular smoker.

  • Do not take any friend along. No interference invited.

  • A good ambience sets the ball rolling in your favour.

  • Never ever propose where you HAVE to be with the female for a prolonged time viz., college excursions or tours. It is really hard to face the female once she turns down your proposal. Do not rob yourself of the opportunity to vanish if required.


"Avsaan" - End

So, you've decided to let the cat out of the bag. Make sure you let the green-eyed creature out in the right place, at the right time.

  • If you have chosen a restaurant, be sure not to open conversation until the order has been placed and the menu taken away. The first few opening statements are so important that there should be no hovering of waiters around the table.

  • Listen to your inner self. The voice is feeble but very clear.

  • Opt to dress in white. It reflects purity (avoid white jeans/trousers). Blue also goes.

  • Depending on your frequency and the wavelength you enjoy with her, you can voice out the inner you in all the shades and hues of the spectrum. Yeah, baby! This is the time to get colourful. Get Wild 'n Whacky or plain old Moony and romantic. Either ways, the nail should hit on the head.
    a) I love you.
    b) I love you and would like to marry you.
    c) I love you and I cannot live without you.
    d) Would you like to spend your life with me?
    e) Can you give more meaning to my life?
    f) I don't just love you, I love you madly.
    Irrespective of what ya might gibber in front of her if ya don't mutter that 'I love you' your ladylove is bound to go on thumping your back till you cough it out. They enjoy.

During proposal, in most of the cases, the air in between is so charged that you need relief. Be witty, keep wits up your sleeve to discharge the atmosphere. It really helps and makes both of you comfortable. (Please Read Copyright Notice, Disclaimer Policy & Privacy Policy)