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So… Finally you got the partner of your dreams. But that's not all. The actual story starts here. Most of the affairs do not go too far, you have to nurture your seed with the best ingredients.

  • Are you wondering how to make things better between the two of you?

…A pat on your back for your positive thoughts! Your interest and thoughtfulness reveal that you are truly in love and want to give the best shot to the relationship.

Often we 'Love' someone quite deeply but are unable to express our thoughts and feelings. At times we may even spoil our relationship over something quite trivial because of our inability to communicate appropriately.

Here are some tips:

  • Encourage the other to open up without fear of your reaction. A good and healthy communication is the first step towards a better relationship.

  • Be a good listener. Respect the others point of view.

  • Compliment and encourage each other sincerely. If you'll highlight each other's strengths then both of you will feel 'Special' and 'Wanted' by the other.

  • Avoid any mind or psychological games between the two of you.

  • Do not repeat your mistakes. Learn from each mistake. There are times wherein you don't get many chances. Observe and read the reactions of your partner. Knowledge of body language is a great asset.

  • Your tone, your glance, your response to stimuli, the care you take, the understanding you share, the quality of jokes you crack or choose to laugh at are often secretly understood and conclusions of your true self driven out.

  • Avoid incubation of sex. It hinders solid communication and affects in many adverse ways.

  • Keep knowledge updates. Learn and Study a lot. Introduce surprise elements. Risk a step more than your mind permits, reflect some persona, become something, if at all you want to be loved.

  • Each one has weaknesses. But if you'll magnify each issue and quarrel over them - then your relationship is heading down.

  • If you want to be loved maintain a reserve of personality. Be strange at times.

  • Be concerned about your future career graph. Set your goals and persist with them. Do not have alien dreams.

  • Do something exciting and adventurous together like going out for a hike with friends… trekking, canoeing… etc. This can be real fun and will bring the two of you real close. It also breaks the monotony of togetherness.

  • Females are generally romantic and love to receive bouquets of flowers or surprises.

  • Go out for candle light dinners or moon light drive.

  • Hey girls! Make your boy friend feel important by consulting him on issues that are close to your heart.

  • Keep your partner informed about what's going around in your life. It helps in developing intimacy and keeps the communication level and depth of understanding high.

  • Take interest in each other's hobbies and extra curricular activities. Share them with each other if possible. Be a sport… and not a sourpuss! There's always a lot to learn. Never know you may discover a hidden M.F. Hussain and become the Madhuri 'Nene' (Oops!) of his dreams.

  • Give each other enough space to grow. Let not jealousy, possessiveness and other trivial cramp your relationship.

  • Touch Oh! Touch. Yeah, a very important ingredient of your relationship. It is the skin through which we communicate our feelings other than eyes and words.

  • Kick your nagging habit. It reveals the way you've been brought up. Truly independent people do not nag. It only runs the risk of smothering a relationship.

What is a nag?
Ans: A woman with a strange memory quirk -- her ability to remember is only exceeded by her inability to forget; [2] a female who badgers a man until he does what she wants -- and then has no respect for him because he has no mind of his own.

  • Know deep inside that you wreally belong to each other - made for each other. If your love is deep, understanding great chances of friction over small things are comparatively controlled.

"Saahil" - kinara (Say seashore)



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