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your sex appeal ?

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Every woman wants to be the Cleopatra for his Antonia & when we talk about this Egyptian Queen sexiness is the foremost word, which comes to our mind.

At times, this virtuousness in a female attracts the opposite sex. For different tastes, sexiness is emphasized through different means. Your looks, those high firm breasts or that catwalk of yours may attract a guy and for others that essence of womanliness is the appealing factor. Yet for others that tomboy attitude may be the detergent, yet one step further may be the delicacy, that softness of yours which instinctively gives others the feeling to protect, nourish and cherish you forever.

Now-a-days sexiness is not a stick like body but guys love a bit of flesh, a luscious curvy body. To be sexy and have those killing attributes is no longer difficult but is just a matter of practice and time.

To have these everlasting image here are some quick tips to guide you to the right path for the Road to Sexiness!

Road To Sexiness:

Appearance is the key word. It's that feminine grace, essence of womanliness, feeling & flaunting the entire attribute of being an all woman. If you have these traits, then you are the sexiest of them all. Here's some suggestions as to how you can stick to being sexy forever & ever……….


Yep! Having plush, opulent and silky smooth skin, that thin layer which forms the covering tissue of your body is the biggest asset of yours. Do you feel like going bare? Beware! For your skin and take care gals.

What you need to do:

Drink lots of water, at least 8 - 10 glasses a day to give a healthy glow to your skin. Our skin needs nourishment just as our body requires food. Generally it's observed that we give all the attention to our face skin & ignore the rest. Give all the tender, love & care to your whole body.

So, gals take off that sexy nightie and smooth cream/body oil all over that glorious body and enjoy doing the task. Come to think of it it's quite a sensual exercise. To begin: squeeze a bit of cream on your palms; feel its softness and the suppleness, apply it gently on your legs, massage slowly and feel the sensuality it gives you. (Yep! Half the job is already done, 'cause when you start feeling sensual half the road to sexiness is already been crossed).

Next what needs to be done is to remove that extra bit of hair from your private parts as well.


Taking care of your skin will surely give a sensation of three 'S' i.e. soft, silky and smooth, even the feeling of breathing space is not too far behind & you sexy gals will be sashaying around the crowd. So, even if you don't have good bone structure or features no props! Your gloriously glowing skin will do all the work for you. Now don't you just luv it being the center of attraction (the nectar for all those hungry bees).

To dazzle the male species exposé your superb & blooming skin. Yup! Show those gorgeous legs in tight mini's, utterly buttery belly in tank tops with hipsters & just experience the result of divine skin doing wonders for the sexy image.


When we talk about skin, more or less 'The leggy part' is covered in the same. And Man, what legs to die for! Heaven for the right kind of guy!!

What you need to do:

Shave off the extra hair. Its more hygienic to go for waxing, as not only it removes the unwanted hair but also helps in getting rid of the dead skin and opening the skin pores, so that the leggy-leggy skin can breath more easily, yet further enhancing the texture of your skin.

Next, you should have regular pedicure. This increases the blood circulation, giving more life to your soon to be sexy legs. We all know that our legs bear the burden of our whole body. Hence, don't ever neglect this body part.

More over you should try wearing pantyhose if you are wearing the minis or short skirts.


Long lasting legs and something to stand on! Well! Jokes apart, now if you are wearing trousers or those skinny tight stretched jeans with high heals then you'll be all legs. Oh! Imagine the male anatomy going bonkers for it. And it doesn't matter that your legs are covered, why? 'cause the knowledge that hidden inside are the silky smooth legs gives you confidence and adds an extra bounce to your gait which is very alluring and sexy.


When we are discussing about legs then the thighs are not far behind. For few women this is really a sore point. It's every woman's dream to have well-proportioned supple yet tight thighs and not that heavy bulgy appearance which is normally the problem faced by many women.

What you need to do:

Ladies! The first and the foremost thing you can do is to go for proper physical fitness program but if you don't have the time, no props! Yep! you hate that chubby extra flesh - Right!. To overcome this, start noticing the way you stand. Stop leaning on one leg for too long a time. What needs to be done and practiced regularly by you is that you stand straight (as in erect), keeping your inner thighs skin pressed together along with your (side) knee bones plus anklebones touching each other.


Great pair of thighs. You loose the extra squatty flesh and have firm sexy thighs. Now Gals! It's the bikini time. Show your sexy self to this beauty hungry world.

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