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Wanna be

more than

friends ?

Wanna be more than friends ?
  • Are you in love with this guy who thinks you're just a cool friend?

  • Are you infatuated with your brothers' friend who treats you like a friend's sister?

  • Do you want to get serious with your childhood playmate who doesn't take you seriously?

  • Does the guy you dream of, share his secrets with you about his girl friend?

Well…Well… No need to feel despondent. Here are a few suggestions to you.

  • Avoid assuming the role of his friends sister.

  • It's always good to be the mentor to somebody you love. At the same time you should also demand some thoughtfulness and attention from him. Else he will take you for granted.

  • 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder'. Give him an opportunity to feel your absence that will help him evaluate his feelings for you.

  • Avoid being cast into the role of an 'agony aunt', best friend, 'shrink' or any other.

  • Since you are his mentor, try not to be over bearing or dominating.

  • Be feminine when you are around with him.

  • Be impeccably dressed so that you appear to be charming and attractive.

  • Share your feelings with him as a women so that he's conscious of the fact that he's communicating to a young and charming lady.

  • Avoid being a tomboy. Be an enigma to him, he'll make an effort to know you better. What better way can there be to involve him.

  • Maintain a reserve of mind and heart, a privacy of personality. Stay strange a bit.

However, if you don't happen to be the right one for him do not let your heart sink. It would at least be good to have him as a good friend.

All the best to you!




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