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Your guy ?

How to Lower your guy ?

Behavioral scientists tell us that the effect of a first impression is a strong one. The process of sizing you up is something that goes on almost subconsciously. Your evaluation by a stranger takes 30 seconds or less and can be so strong that it might take up a long time to erase. Only then can you go 'bout creating a new one. Don't you think it's easier to simply make a great first impression?

  • IN DEMAND: In the early stages, the probable Mr. Right in question will definitely ask you about your boy friends. The obvious answer that comes into your head is to say 'No'. You are mistaken. Be in demand Honey! Reply roundabouts, "Yeah! I have friends, we do things together, enjoy together". Top it with "You too must be having girl friends". Do NOT tell him that you were never in demand. Let him enjoy his chase.

What makes men chase women they have no intention of marrying?
Female: The same urge that makes dogs chase cars they have no intention of driving.

  • HAIR LENGTH: Short hair is more impressive and business oriented. Long hair tends to be more inviting and exude feminine grace.

  • HIS VISUALISING POWER: Men visualise a lot. If he is wreally interested in you he will often visualise you as a wife. When you are alone with him try the following:
    a) Open your hair and start combing in style… look deep into his eyes… He visualises to grabbing that bunch, pulling you close and planting a kiss on your lips or visualises you to be his wife… combing hair.

    b) Try to rearrange your dress (chunni or dupatta). In doing so give some nectar to his peeping eyes… i.e. show some cleavage… Probably he is visualising you bare skin… so this is how she is going to arrange her dress after a quickie…

    c) When you meet him next, take your big bro's kid along. Wipe his nose frequently with a silken handkerchief, rearrange his dress, feed him. Better still, kiss him. He starts visualsing you to be the mother of his kids. Do NOT neglect your guy.

  • BREAST SIZE: Major part of the sex appeal is derived from its size and shape. Medium size plus breasts with an arched spine, ribs held high off from the pelvis are all time favorites. Huge breasts attract instant attention and are more flirtatious. Well, if you are the one with smaller ones, you won't lose your guy but he will always desire fondling those big ones next door.

  • BEAUTY vs. BRAINS: More often than not we find that the most handsome, suave and intelligent boys end up with the ugliest and meanest of the female species and vice versa. Every man has an abstract image of his beloved in his heart that is shaped up according to the quality of relationship he has shared with his parents, siblings, friends and relatives. This also depends upon the time zone in which a man craves to enter into a relationship and the sort of girls around him.

  • YOUR GAZE: Master the art of GAZE MANAGEMENT. Don't stare too long. Look into his eye for a trifle longer than a second. Then flit your gaze away. Next time invade his eyes with a smiling look for about 4 seconds. Third time… just smile... 
    You know what? You've just committed a murder.

Why do men find it difficult to make eye contact?
Female: Despite trying very haa..rd, a woman often encounters problems while stealing a glance into the eyes of her man, the reason not being coyness, but just that a woman's eyes are not located anywhere in the vicinity of her bust line.

  • TRACE BLANK CALLS: Catch him red-handed. But, don't let him know that his crime has been detected. Install a caller Id in your instrument. Take care not divulge this piece of info to the best of your friends. This'll pinch a hole of Rs.500 in your pocket. Worth it sweetie!

  • VICIOUS CIRCLE: You are mad in love. If you show it soon, he will drift further. You feel you need more and more time to impress him. You are WRONG. Get out of that vicious circle of impressing first and then making yourself unavailable. The guy, in general, within 2 to 3 meetings knows where he has to steer this relationship… to just friendship…, to marriage… or to sex.

  • LEAVE HIM THIRSTY: There comes a time during your courtship when the atmosphere is charged, the intimate moment demands more and more… Excuse yourself. Leave him thirsty… panting for more.

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