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Kinds of Men to avoid !

  • Do you always seem to fall in love or get involved with the wrong sort of guy?

  • Have you gone through a second bad breakup?

  • Are you wondering whether something is wrong with you… Your relationships never seem to work out…

If you want a long-term commitment there are certain types of men out there in this big, bad world whom you should avoid.

Check out these symptoms:

Cold Response:

If you are dating a guy who seems to be quite indifferent… don't proceed further. His behavior will be as follows:


  • He doesn't call you up often enough.

  • Doesn't seem eager to meet you.

  • You are taking ALL the initiative.

  • The guy doesn't respond to you affectionately.

  • Doesn't seem to have any physical inclination.

  • There is no romance in your relationship. You don't feel happy after meeting him… something missing…

If your situation is above just dump him. He may not be interested in you, may be a gay or simply neurotic.

Married men:

Young women who tend to be attracted to older men often fall into the married man's snare! The married men may try convincing you the following ways:


  • His wife and him have mutually agreed upon this situation…

  • His wife is interested in another man and tries to take your sympathy.

  • He doesn't sleep together with his wife.

  • His wife doesn't understand him.

  • They are simply waiting for their kids to grow before they split.

  • They have applied for a divorce.

Even if the married man dates you in style, showers you with gift's or sounds convincing, it is very unlikely that he will marry you. He will return to his nest.

The stare struck:

Men who dream of stardom or great success are very unsuitable for marriage.


  • They are much too involved with themselves and their dreams.

  • Their dreams come first and you play the second fiddle in his life.

  • You will often find him breaking dates.

  • You may just become a 'rung' in his ladder to success.

  • Once successful he will hardly have time for you.

  • Star struck men are generally workaholics since they need to spend a great deal of time, effort and energy to get there…

You may get carried away by his charisma but marriage with him may be a washout.

The Hung-up men:

These are the types who have just broken up with their girlfriend or had a divorce with his wife.


  • He is still carrying his emotional baggage.

  • He has yet not got over his heart.

  • He still has intense memories of his ex girl friend or wife.

  • He harbors the secret wish that she will come back to him someday.

  • His past will cast a shadow over your presence together.

  • He may not break any dates but you will feel the presence of his ex every time.

  • He may be infatuated with you and will use you as a 'supporting and mending his heart girl'.

  • These people are revengeful with other females & develop a hurting attitude.

Don't get too involved with this guy. At least be prepared to have a broken heart. Once his heart is mended he'll carry on with his life and leave you behind.

The naughty Late Thirties:

Some men in their mid lives suddenly feel their life ebbing out and make a desperate attempt to retain his youth.


  • You will spot the attractive middle-aged men driving a sports car.

  • Dyeing his gray hair or carefully combing his thin hair.

  • Wearing sporty colorful T-shirt and jeans.

  • Dating women half his age and being compulsively flirtatious.

  • He will be indulging in hectic socialising.

If you are attracted to such a man don't expect to settle down. An affair may be so fleeting that it will seem like a mirage.

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