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What a guy

seeks in HIS

girl !


Ms. Right !

Ms. Right !
  • Body Wise: Tall, well-sculpted figure, clear skin, long hair (generally), wide eyed innocence, an angelic face, poise -you've probably heard it all. But, the real attraction continues to be her well formed bust line, flat tummy, nicely rounded off buttocks, and those mile long legs. So work upon them. If nature did not do you full justice, silicone's the watchword. A heavenly figure and the battle's already half-won.

  • Mind Wise: In a word, the lassie has gotto be attention engaging to say the very least. She has to make him interested in her and ensure that he remains so. She'll also need to include the following in her dictionary- an elfish sense of humor, positive attitude towards things and life in general, good communication skills, being aware of what's going on in the world around her etc.

  • Soul Wise: A guy usually has a big sackful of expectations from his life partner to be. She has got to be understanding, caring, possessing a pure and tamed inner self, sensitive, undemanding, loyal, unselfish, respectful of her guy, flexible and enjoy his company. 
    Instead of going around with this long list of expectations, ask yourself a very simple question. Is there a basic, disarming spontaneity about him that appeals to you? Does he look into your eyes when he speaks to you? Is his gaze direct, unwavering and calm? At times certain guys avoid eye contact simply because they are shy. Once they become freer with you, they prefer to look at you.

  • Career Wise: The funda of a goody-goody housewife is long over. Now, guys expect a levelheaded career woman who juggles her life between work and home with equanimity. The delicate "can't do anything on my own" girls are out.

  • Sex Wise: Ironically, most men today still wish for an innocent, chaste female. But once he gets involved with her physically, it's a pleasure for him to know that his girl loves sex.

  • Dress wise: One's dress need not drip with diamonds or be very expensive to make sure that you are noticed in a crowd. The girl in question ought to be aware that her dress is merely an extension of herself to get her noticed. Whatever she does, she should essentially exude grace.

  • Other Wise: Feminine grace, a captivating style of walking, talking or merely lifting her head and nodding, bewitching personality, is mature enough and has common sense but can cuddle up like a kid if need be, a good listener, rational, who thinks clearly and takes well-timed decisions, is tolerant to faults, a strong support during rough times, lends soft cushioning to fall back upon when the guy's back from facing the worst,
    One could just go on and on. After all wishes have no end. Rein in these horses. She can't be a superwoman just as he is not a superman. She has to be accepted wholly, along with her good and bad.
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