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Boomerang !

How to get him back into your life ?

Awright Sweetheart, you came, you saw and you conquered HIM - the love of your life. But, after all this flurry of activity, you lost him too. Still crazily in love, you want him back in your life. Before you go through the magic charms of casting a spell o'er him, again, put this question to yourself:

After whatever has transpired between the two of you, can you pick up the threads of your relationship from here and weave a new fabric?

If your answer to the above question is in affirmative, lucky guy that.

Now, all you have to do is take a deep breath, tell yourself that, 'I believe in myself and my love', remember love means giving -  ETERNALLY and mug up these tricks by heart.

Tip 'n Trick # 01:

  • Have a good rapport with his closest friend. Guys tend to discuss, reason and arrive at conclusions with best friends. He's your trump card. You can win the case if he toes your line.

Caution: Be sure that he doesn't double cross both of you or doesn't have designs over you.

Tip 'n Trick # 02:

  • Men are rational creatures. So, you'll have to appeal to their logic. There's absolutely no other way. Talk to him sensibly and rationally. Ask him what made him drift apart? Consider his point of view, agree to it if required then make him see your point of view. Convince him and win him over to your side.

Caution: Talk don't argue. Raised voices can put him off. Let him win the battle - you win the WAR.

Tip 'n Trick # 03:

  • There is a little woman in every man & a little man in every woman. Exploit the little woman he has. Yeah ! Take advantage of your feminine softness and blackmail him intellectually and emotionally. There is nothing to be ashamed of in this. You are doing whatever you are only because you love him dearly and don't want to lose him. After all its he who will profit by this deal. Getting the love of somebody who loves you is something not everybody gets in life.

Caution: Don't put in too much mush. More than necessary tears too might spoil your chances.

Tip 'n Trick # 04:

  • Back off ! He shouldn't feel that you are crazy about him. The superiority complex that develops within him in consequence of this might become a very important factor that pulls him further away from you. So, maintain a distance, dignity and a privacy of personality.

Caution: Don't stay too far. Keep the fire kindled.

Tip 'n Trick # 05:

  • Introduce him to the green-eyed monster. Jealousy is the best indication of love. Try to induce this emotion in him. Try out that dashing, suave, successful software engineer or what have you. Be sure to parade your green eyed guy in front of him. Let him know that you are in demand. Make him covet you.

Caution: Don't let him get the hint that you are giving undue favours to anybody. That becomes a serious issue of infidelity for him. (Please Read Copyright Notice, Disclaimer Policy & Privacy Policy)