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The Love

Triangle !


Is it worth
it's salt ?

The Love Triangle !
  • You are in love with a boy who's after a girl who has left him.

  • This boy knows that you would say 'YES' if he proposes to you yet he doesn't.

  • He keeps comparing you with his girl friend, you feel bad but…

  • You have tried 'what not' to impress him but he remains silent.

Well the million-dollar question is - Are such love triangles worth their salt?

Well… Well… Tricky situation! Okay, here are some suggestions:

  • The guy if seriously involved with her ex may forget her temporarily under your influence.

  • He will have a very strong desire to have sex in new relationship.
Love Triangle !

  • Remember "Early sex, early exit". As long as you are a mystery to him, he'll be under your influence. There after the old shadow will cast him back.

  • To boost his ego. A man, generally treats the physical conquest to boost his male ego. He may use you for the same and dump you in the nearest bin.

Does he really love you or is it sympathy?

Sympathetic, Yes! A case arises wherein the girl in question has had a fresh break up and he is sympathetic towards her. In the strong emotional moments, the situation develops wherein the two are very very intimate and a strong emotional and sexual desire overrules. It is a moment wherein the courtesy demands a lot.

It's a time in his life when sex becomes a medium of sympathy & consolation. At that moment he does not take the female into his arms because his soul is thirsty but because he wants her to come out of the deep pain she manifests inside. He places his lips on her eyes just to dry her tears. In that moment, the sympathy overrules, the courtesy demands (of the moment!), and sex becomes a medium in which he flows the female but he may not be sexual. Sex is purely a medium through which he creates an illusion so that the female forgets her pain.

If you are in such a triangle the advice is:

  • Forget him. Seek someone who doesn't own a history.

  • Have a long courtship period. This will make the 'mist' clear.

  • Do not involve yourself sexually. Please avoid no matter how strong your wish.

  • Do not arrive at any decision too fast.

Last but not the least. Listen to your inner self. The voice is feeble but very clear. Best of Luck.




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