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Yours !!!

Hi Gurlzzz!

Here's a long forgotten tale:

Once upon a time, there was a small boy riding a donkey with a long stick in his hand. On the other end of the stick was dangling a carrot which he positioned a foot ahead of the donkey's face. The gluttonous beast, lured by the sight of such a luscious red root walked greedily ahead. Traveling in such a manner, they reached their destination. Once there, the little boy would give the carrot to the donkey. Smart Chap!

This is a very good example of human psychology. The most important thing for a human being is what he does not have. The more he is kept away from it, the more he'll crave for it. Finally, his desire reaches the point of extremity and he is ready to go to any lengths to have it.

Human relationships follow a similar pattern, especially male-female associations.

Now here comes the hitch. Should this communication stay at the platonic level? Should the couple avoid the physical proximity? NO and YES. 

Why you should refrain from sex?

1) Because of the male psychology.

Most men are fickle of mind. They follow the pattern "Quick sex - quick exit". After having sex and fulfilling their innermost desire, they may think of the following:

  • That the girl who has given in to his sexual urge is of a loose moral character.

  • That the girl does not have much sense in her head as she could not make a proper judgement - a judgement between culture, tradition, virginity and basic values of life. How could she do it?

  • That she should have stopped him forcefully.

  • Men also love to have different female bodies. After his ego & lust has been satisfied, he may dump you in the nearest bin. He will surely toss a reason for this in your direction but the truth remains entirely different.

  • A man basically does not respect a woman who readily gives in to his physical demands. He will definitely try to stay away from the woman ones his curiosity and thirst has been satisfied because he wants to avoid commitment.

  • He will surely think alone or tell his best friend and surely some day, some time they will discuss upon your sexual involvement with him. If, by any chance, a thought - a single thought, an ideal thought, creeps into their minds that "No Yaar, no good female would like to indulge in sex before her marriage, whatever the circumstances". If this is followed by your certain other activities, which he never appreciated in you, you are gone. You are dumped. He will find hundreds of ways to go away from you.

Since he treats the physical conquest to boost his ego he'd like to brag about it to his friends. This can in turn be very damaging to a girls reputation.

What's the definition of Easy in man's dictionary?
Ans: A term used to describe a woman who has the sexual morals of a man.

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