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  • Carry your common sense with you on your first date. Let your hair down, feel friendly and enjoy yourself but don't be taken in by everything you see.

  • Don't be rigid or reserved on a date. You will never get to know him nor shall he be able to fathom you. You all will part as strangers and remain that way.

  • Strike up a bright conversation with your date. You may even gain a friend.

  • Be polite and decent. Watch your manners.

  • Be attentive and appreciative. The guy will warm up to you instantly.

  • Don't necessarily "judge the book by it's cover". If the guy you are dating doesn't look the complete Romeo yet he's a great guy and real fun to be with - give him a chance. After all the person counts more than his looks in the long run.

  • Don't be critical of him in front of others. Male ego crumbles easily.

  • Be nice and pleasant with his friends.

  • Find out more about him - his area of interests, his friends and family. DON'T be a long nose! Don't pester him for personal details.

  • Don't exhibit signs of possessiveness. If he realizes that you are clinging types he may disappear through the nearest window.

  • Avoid glancing those good-looking guys around you. He'll be put off.

  • If he's critical of your clothes, your hair style, your choice of books, food, restaurants… Take care, you may end up with a nag.

  • Romance thrives on honesty and trust. Be sincere and genuine. You'll win his heart.

  • Dress elegantly, smartly or casually as the venue and time demands. But always look tidy and smell fresh and alluring.

  • While talking to each other do not avoid eye contact and do not let your attention stray. You'll be sending the message that you 'simply don't care'.

What does 'Interesting' mean in man's dictionary?
A word a man uses to describe a woman who lets him do all the talking.

  • Don't be too argumentative and try not to snub him every time he opens his mouth. He'll think you are an active member of the women's lib!

  • 'Thank' him if he brings you a bunch of flowers, opens doors or pulls out chairs for you and finally for his company.

The Creep Call:
Never pick up the phone on Saturday night. It's a call from a creep you told you were busy.




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