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When !

Where !



  • You sent him a cute little pet. He merely had it for lunch?

  • You gave him poetry books. He shoved them under his bed?

  • You try to entice him with a sizzling black micro mini. The admiration is there in his eyes. Yet he makes no moves and prefers to talk 'bout the recent political developments in the South Asian nations?

  • He is noticing but prefers to not let you know how much he truly cares?

  • And yet he's the first to come running by your side whenever you need a shoulder?

  • The first to get mad at your faults?

  • The first to make up a quarrel?

  • The first to scold you for neglecting your studies?

  • The first to hit a leering goon?

  • Then why oh! Why doesn't he say it out?

To tell ya without mincing words, there definitely is a reason for his attitude? It might also be plain bashfulness on his part.

Whatever the case, the Man of your dreamzz prefers to sleep soundly? What do you do? Blurt it out, what else?

When? Where? & How? Fikar not. Here's some breather:


Quite difficult to say really. The guidelines are different for individuals. It's definitely better heard than said.

  • Listen to your inner self. The voice is feeble but very clear.

  • Now you can not keep it in any longer. Fine. Cough et all out.

  • Your guy should definitely be in a good mood. Saying it after one of your good performances professionally or academically is the most strategically correct time.

  • He most definitely should have got the hint. Now ask him for some unspecified promise, which you say you'll demand later. (Yeah! Something on the lines of Kekayi-Dashrath). Of course he knows what you're driving at. If he consents, you know what that means.

  • En-cash this check before it bounces (within a day or two).

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