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Mirror! Mirror!

On the Wall!

Who's the fairest

among us all?

Now! That's what worries all ye women from day one of puberty. Here are some quickies for you.

Lipstick mania:

Each one of you wanna color your lips to add beauty to your face. Hey! Ever thought of enticing your boyfriend?

  • Want to have lipstick glued for the whole day? Try putting first the liner before applying lipstick.

  • You can always go for the products which are not the kiss off types.

  • Also try waterproof lip liner- the lipstick won't slide or give a smeared effect.

  • Lip pencil shouldn't be knife sharp. This would give a very harsh effect. After sharpening press the pencil tip to your finger and then apply.

  • Want a matte kiss-a-like look? After applying lipstick, take thin tissue paper hold over lips and then put face powder on it to give a matte effect.

  • Use products containing wax, oils etc. that help the lipstick to glide smoothly on lips, evaporating thenceforth giving a pure color effect.

  • Broken your favorite lipstick? Warm the tips over a candle and join it. Your lipstick is as new as ever.

  • Blot the extra lipstick by pressing tissue paper and apply again. This would give a lasting look.

  • What! No lipstick? No props slick on eye shadow or blusher. Seal it with lip gel.

  • Confused as to what color to choose? Try using index finger to test color instead of back of the hand or the palm. It gives a 90% impression of the shade.


Eyes are "the mirrors of the souls". All emotions are easily accessible from them. One should take proper care of these precious gems. Here are some tips for you to make your eyes the shining souls.

  • First lesson: Always give proper rest and sleep to your eyes.

  • Vitamin A is very important for healthy eyes. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, carrot, milk etc.

  • Skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive. Stop using eye make-up if after applying the cosmetics the area around the eyes gets puffy or starts itching.

  • To remove eye-make use moist cotton ball with moisturized cleansing gel.

  • Apply almond (badam) based eye cream to give nourishment to your skin.

  • To let your eyes breathe use cucumber slices or its juice Dip cotton ball in the juice and use it as eye pad. Remove it after 10 minutes. (Cucumber nourishes the sensitive skin of the eyes. 

  • It goes for potato as well. Have dark circles around the eyes? Use potato slices (has vitamin C) around the eyes. Good remedy to reduce puffiness of the eyes.

  • You can also use cotton balls dipped in tea-water as eye pads to give rest to tired eyes.

Finally give some exercises to your tired eye muscles to make them strong. Try the following:

  • Look at a distant object and then at some closer object. Repeat the process.

  • Look upward and then down. Repeat.

  • Keep your face and neck still and rotate your eyeballs. First clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Repeat.

  • Move your eyes to right side atleast ten times and the same number to your left.

  • Most important. Wash your eyes with cold tap water regularly to remove dirt etc.


Come one come all lets face the music oneself for all.

  • Worried about these Pimples? You can use limejuice instead of pimple creams.

  • Use potato slices or grate potato and use the juice to scrub face and neck. Potato is a good cleansing agent rich in vitamin C. If used regularly gives a clear skin.

  • Have Oily skin? Apply papaya mask with 10-12 drops of lemon juice. Rinse off after 20 minutes.

  • Apply honey with one egg white. Wash it after it dries.

  • Use 10-15 fresh strawberries mash them and mix them in a cup of sour cream. Apply the mask. Wash it when it dries. Removes the dead skin of face and gives a smooth texture to the rough skin.

  • On oily skin: Use mixture of strawberry with fuller's earth and rose water.

  • Remove make up before sleeping with a moisturized cotton wall. Apply cream and after few minutes remove the extra cream with the help of cotton balls.

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