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Beast man witha heart Penny less fella! Adorable dumbo kind
Mr. Uneducated Mr. Secret Mr. Long distance
Mr. Hot Hot Mr. Playboy Mr. Uninterested
Mr. Criminal Mr. Divorced  

The Dicey Man!


Unearthing Mr. Perfect

may not be that 

Arduous, as it seems.

As the old saying goes 'never judge a book by its cover' and it's just possible that your first impression of Mr. X is the wrong one. Ladies! Give your dream- boy a chance to germinate. After all how it's possible to have your favorite dish when the seedlings are not sowed, yet!

When it comes to men U gals R always whining. Hey! Finding the right Mr. Adam is not so difficult for ye Eve's. Like bees these sugary dudes are always buzzing near us just for a little taste of nectar. What you need to do is to open that bud of yours into a complete flower (to give full access!!). Don't be stereotype in your choice, always searching Mr. TDH: tall, dark and handsome and in the long run ignoring the better half of the species. Hankering for Mr. Perfect: full-time employed man, far away from all the worldly vices is like pilfering with your feelings.

Yep! You have dreams unlimited and they are not unreasonable but it's highly unlikely that you'll find Hrithik Roshan, Salman and Shah Rukh Khan rolled into one. May be chances are if you keep singing for one Mr. Perfect your whole life passes by singing only solo songs, sadly then no duets for you. So to hear the sound of music try out Mr. Reliable or Mr. Secure. For the choice part here are some Mr. X for you.

Mr. X - 1 : Beast-Man with a heart?

'Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder'. Yes! It's absolutely correct. If you come across Mr. Picture-Perfect who is also Mr. Pompous then it's better to say a sweet 'Bye! Bye' from day one. However, if the guy is witty, debonair, and single and his lenses are completely zoomed on you then go for a photographic date with him. Now where lies the prop? Oh! Oh! He's also Mr. Ugly. So what? His persona may be The-fact, which attracts you the most.

We normally come across people who are very simple in appearance that outward façade is missing but if we get to know them better we'll find that their expertise lies in different field and slowly and slowly we love them for the same.

Sonalika rejected a proposal from a guy who was "so ugly to look at" but when she was forced to go out for a few so-called dates she

said "yes! He's the complete man for me; he fascinates me. Ooh! He's so caring and guess what brains too".

Mr. X - 2 : Penny-less fella?

Is he the guy who's unable to make his both ends meet? Is he underemployed? Then possibly he'll not be able to take you to Classic restaurants or bring your favorite chocolate. But before saying a sweet 'Bye! Bye' to this guy at least go for one date. It may turn out that he's an artist- a painter and henceforth working in bars or doing part time job to pursue his hearts desire. Who knows one fine day he succeeds like M.F. Hussain and you become The Maduri Dixit of his dreams.

H. Swaroop a real genius man is currently going through a tough time empty pockets you see. Girls don't feel like hanging out with him. A recently turned sculptor cum good painter I see a bright future ahead of him. "I wish the gals of this planet sees me the same way," says, the disheartened fella.

Don't judge these next to nothing guys by their pockets. They're living so 'cause they prefer to live in the confinement of their own created world out of choice. "Working in a high-tech company, wearing sleek clothes getting 5 figures salary is not difficult for me" says Shailesh Upadhaya a fashion designer of Delhi " but man I want to have my own outlet and for that freelancing part is just fine".

So, who knows this penny man could be another Govinda of your dreams.

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