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Attractive and Successful…

Yet have no boyfriends…


Are you wondering……

  • Is something wrong with me?

  • Do I scare away the guys?

  • Do I appear to be an ice maiden?

  • Do I look kinder snooty?

  • Do I seem nice enough?

Hmmm… that's a long list!!

In the first place there is nothing for which you should feel so neglected. However there can be 'n' number of reasons why young men may hesitate to come up to a charming and successful lady such as you.

  • Firstly young men have an enormous and fragile ego which breaks at the very word 'No'. They fear rejection.

  • Some of them may appear to be cool dudes but in they may not be courageous and lack self-confidence.

  • They take for granted that a lovely girl like you surely has several admirers and at least one steady boyfriend.

  • They may have an inferiority complex and judge themselves to be physically and intellectually not up to your level and often satisfy their ego by the thought 'what the hell do you think of yourself?', beautiful girls like you are snob! And what not…

  • Men often get ego boost if he feels superior to the young girl he is dating.

  • Since you are charming, they desire to be physically intimate with you. At the same time they shy away thinking that you have marvelous antennas.

  • A beautiful and talented girl may demand the moon. They'll dig deep down in their trouser pockets to make sure before they approach you.

  • They cannot be jilted by a beautiful girl like you as they fear to be the laughing stock of their peers.

  • It can also happen that they are awe struck by the grace of your personality and thus tongue-tied in your presence.

Don't worry… It's not always greener on the other side… Here are some tips that may do you a world of good.

  • Be open and communicate with people.

  • Don't turn folks into stone with your cool glances.

  • Meet more people who share common hobbies and interests.

  • Don't hesitate to approach a person who interests you and befriend him.

  • Try not to be too conscious of your good looks.

  • You should also remember 'Handsome is as handsome does'. So try not to judge a person from outside. Try to get to know him better.

Cheer up sweetie! Get up from your corner, let your hair down and put on your dancing shoes…

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