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How to
get him
back ?

Adam Oozing Out !

Wanna grab him by the scruff of his collar? But you know that the chore ain't easy. The starched collar remains ever elusive.

You make a dash for him from the right. He sniggles away to the left. Make a jive at him from the left. He dances away to the right. Lung at his midriff. He, to say the least vanishes into ah! A puff of smoke.
Out for a walk with your beloved? And whadya find? He's excitedly sniffing every other good-looking female.

In a nutshell, the love of your life is oozing out?

It's just that you have finally arrived at a crossroad. Here you need to decide which road to take. For once there is no right or wrong involved.

Here's a quickie about what the possible solutions might be for his errant behaviour.

Tip 'n' Trick # 01

The first hint that he's oozing outta your hands is when he forgets your B'day or other important dates of your lovelife.

How d'ye handle this?

For the D'day, plan to freak out in a place like Goa or if your wallet allows you to some exotic foreign location. Bug him by relentlessly talking about the fun you'll be having. Remain busy shopping for clothes, sunglasses, footwear, revealing beach attires etc. 
Let him feel 'Left Out'.

Plan a date a day before you leave, he will probably need to 'Talk'. 
If he is least bothered about the entire thing, BEWARE. He must be planning to enjoy your absence 'King Size'.

Tip 'n' Trick # 02

Though you love him with your all your heart does he appear untouched? Does he seem to keep all his options open?

Get busy with other things. Try enrolling for an aerobics class precisely at the time of the day that you normally spent with him.

Yeah! The idea is to make him uncomfortable.

He should feel that your attention is shifting to something/someone else and that there are other things more important in your life than being with him (viz., Hunks in trunks or something).

He will sense that you are kinda drifting away and eventually it will be he who'll be needing time to 'talk' to you.

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