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Intellectual Blackmail!

We all agree that the level of intelligence is increasing day by day. To get your work done you need to have skills. You know if you ask a person to do this, he may not do. In such cases, people are smart enough to reframe their sentences just to bring you to their point of view or get their job done. 

The sentences used directly challenge your mind and reasoning. Within one statement you undergo emotion swings. In the shadow of happy swing, the person makes you do or commit what he wants.

Sentences like:

  • A wise and intelligent person like you can never think of doing that.

  • A reasonable person like you would never make a mistake like that.

  • I know you have a pure heart but…..

  • I hope you are intelligent enough to realise....

  • Could you be bold & nice to have a cup of coffee with me.

On such occasions, don't get carried away. Listen to your heart, mind & instincts. Understand what the other person actually wants from you.

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