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Are younger

men attracted

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 Why ??

Society demands that in a marriage the man should be older than the woman. All over the world that has been a general rule. Of course, there are exceptions! In the western part of the world, the age of 'two people in love' do not seem to be any criteria. In our country also a lot of changes are taking place with the advent of new ideas and more acceptability.

There have also been many cases in history where younger men have had intense relationships with an older woman. Take for example the famed romance of Anthony and Cleopatra.

There may be a number of REASONS why a man can get attracted to an older woman:

  • It happens to be favorite male fantasy to have a physically intimate relationship with an older woman.

  • Young men find older women more complete and in control. This adds to her charm.

  • Unlike their younger counterpart older woman know what they want. They know exactly what they want from a man so a young man who's sought out by an older woman often feels victorious.

  • Young men feel that physical intimacy with older women will be more gratifying since they have the experience.

  • As girls pass from adolescence, youth to womanhood- their personality blossoms and matures. They do not need to indulge in psychological games with the young men.

  • Being older to the man she'll be more affectionate and caring. She'll not expect too much out of him.

  • Jealousies and misunderstandings are not likely to occur.

  • Being older, the woman will be more understanding and the young man feels very special.

  • Many men love to be pampered, doted upon and supported emotionally. They generally have an 'Oedipus complex' which draws them towards an older woman.

  • There are many men who feel proud to receive the attentions of an older woman.

Well… Are you not feeling 'the odd man out'? There are plenty of those out there who feel the same way you do.

After all isn't the flower more attractive than the bud?




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