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Are you

ready for

Marriage ?

Are you ready for marriage ?
  • Do you feel you're too young to be married?

  • Are your parents exerting pressure on you to get married?

  • Are you in love with this guy but feel maybe you'll aren't the right age to marry?

  • Are you so desperately in love with this T.D.H guy that you can't wait to get married?

The truth is that the -'right age to marry'- will be different for different people. . Here are some conditions which you may check out to decide whether it's the right time or not for you to 'tie the knot'.

  • First and foremost are you absolutely sure that you're in love with this guy you want to marry?

  • Do you know him well enough? It means both his strengths and weaknesses? Coz' during the courtship period everyone's at their best!

  • Do you accept 'Him' as he is? Better late than alterations after marriage.

  • Do you feel ready to commit yourself to this relationship?

  • Are you ready to be able to make compromises based on mutual understanding?

  • Do you have complete trust and faith in him?

  • Are equally sure that he returns your complete love, faith and trust, and is able to really accept you as you are?

If the answers to most/all of the above are YES then go ahead …and plan your Great Day!!

However it would do you further good to ponder upon a few more tho'ts before you make your final decision.

  • Have you had the scope to meet different people and have diverse exposure?

  • It is also very important to become independent and self-sufficient.

  • You should not harbor such feelings after marriage that you've not spent enough time letting your hair down and having fun with friends.

  • If you are the career woman types then don't make the mistake of jumping into marriage in the initial stages of your career. This can be disastrous for your marriage.

  • You should be in a frame of mind and at a stage in life when you can say "Adieu" to your footloose and carefree life and step into a life of commitment, responsibilities, sharing and caring.

The undercurrent is that - you need not hop … step…. And jump into marriage! You should rather 'look before you leap'. When you tie the knot it needs to a secure one.

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