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Do you

want your

ex back?


to do?

  • You and your boy friend had split off but now you are good friends. Do you feel you want him back in your life?

  • You boy friend has left you and moved on with his life but you cannot forget him!

  • You cannot bear to see your ex boy friend moving around with another girl!

What you should do?

  • First and foremost you must try and let go off the memories of your ex. He has gone out of your life and you should be willing to accept it.

  • Moaning over your long lost ex will remove any remote chances of his coming back to you because he may feel claustrophobic in your presence.

  • If you really love him then at least let him be in your life as a friend.

  • Being 'Friends' means that you should see that you don't pin him down with questions and explanations, emotional outbursts or too much of interference in his life.

  • Maintain a privacy of personality in his presence.

  • Make him jealous. Have a buffer boy friend... Your ex may not be able to swallow him down. You are really happy with this buffer boy... ant' u?

  • There's a saying that 'Patience pays'. Incase he has drifted away from you due to some misunderstanding, he may reevaluate his feelings for you when he gets the space and might even return to you. So let the lines of communication be open.

  • # You loved him, had sex with him thereafter he vanished. Now after a gap he comes back in your life, be sure he has come back either for more sex or for you. If he has come back for more sex he'll demand soon. Watch out sweetie!

  • If he's seeing other woman do not try to mess it up or interfere in their lives. This will further demean you in his eyes and will ruin any faint chances of his 'come back'.

  • There is a belief that you cannot own a caged bird. But on setting it free if it comes back you can be sure it is truly yours. Similarly, you cannot cage up anyone's heart. If it leaves you and never returns - it was never yours. But if you set it free and in due time it returns to you - his heart is yours forever.
    Note: Please read point # carefully.

  • Ones you realise (the sooner…the better) that the relationship is actually OVER - your Ex should become your permanent Ex! It is a question of your accepting the fact or not.

Time is a very precious element in life. Every moment that you waste, you lose out on 'time'. Be positive, study something, learn something, become something and move ahead with your life. Make sure that you develop a secure and meaningful relationship with a new person and don't repeat the mistakes you made with your Ex. 

Cheer up girl! Have your search lights on…




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