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Do opposite personalities attract? Do they really?

  • Do you happen to be attracted to a similar personality?

  • Are you swayed by the myth 'Opposite personalities attract'?

Let us study the reasons why it has become a myth in the first place.

  • Firstly, there is an eternal urge in humans to develop, progress or become more complete.

  • No one person can possess all the qualities in the same persona. For example you cannot be cautious and daring, outgoing and reserved, eloquent and tongue tied, soft spoken and out spoken, interesting and boring.

  • People, therefore tend to be attracted to persons who have those qualities and characteristics that they themselves do not possess.

  • Let us consider few examples:
    a) If you are quiet and introvert - you will, in all probabilities, be drawn towards a bright, outgoing personality as it helps you to come out of your cocoon and open up.
    b) If you are an impulsive person you'll tend to be attracted to a more down-to-earth and stable personality.
    c) If you are the very cautious type, you'll never cease to admire those who are more enterprising and daring.

All said and done, it is after all not the opposite characteristics that bind two souls together. There needs to be an underlying common element, which mentions the equilibrium in the relationship.

There are few problems that similar soul face:

  • There can be stagnation and consequent boredom.

  • A lack of natural outbursts of creativity.

  • Less to learn from other and grow.

  • A tendency to take each other for granted.

Nonetheless - like souls or unlike souls - both have their share of PROS. So be positive in your relationship, allow each other some space to grow, bring diversity into your lives and let not the fine thread of understanding strip off.

Your relationship will surely blossom! (Please Read Copyright Notice, Disclaimer Policy & Privacy Policy)