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  • Why People take a U-turn on your first date?

It's those multi-multi bacterias who neither heard 'bout population control nor birth control: Those small crumbs and specks - those leftovers stuck faithfully between your teeth and gums no matter how thoroughly you rinse your mouth gives ample opportunity to these mini creatures to construct illegally their overly populated colonies in your mouth.

Causes of bad breath:

  • cavities, crooked teeths and other dental diseases.

  • Eating onions, garlic, certain spices, vegetables and cheeses which have sulphurous odour (presence of sulphur compound). So, the moment you open that beautifully shaped mouth Eeks!

  • Gastric props (acidity), sinus infection, tonsillitis, diabetes etc. that generate bad odour.

  • Dieting also leads to acidity that further onsets gases into the mouth.

  • Ladies you know what? Those PMS days are also linked with bad breath as hormonal changes secrete some unwanted gases into the mouth.


How to make the date of the Millennium? (one of the factors- but major!):

The bacteria's are surly defeated by oxygen rich saliva when you rinse your mouth (you do know that water has oxygen). Then to have saliva-rich mouth you can always chew something, suck on babe the lollypops! (It should be sugar free) Or even rinse mouth with a slice of lime filled water.

  • Use dental floss and brush your teeth twice a day and definitely after every meal.

  • Gurgle daily to freshen your breath and kill germs. Go for some soft bristle brush and clean your teeth to the recess part of the mouth with tarter-control toothpaste. You can also brush your teeth with Mustard oil with a pinch of salt. Hey! fellas read this warning- don't ever use whiteners or peroxide content toothpaste.

  • Keep your mouth fresh and moist: Yes! Yes! We know that on your first date your tongue is stuck to the roof of the mouth (but that's just nerves). Well! Antihistamines and various other medicines do dry up the mouth. Also when asleep, saliva flow decreases. Now you know the reason for strong morning breath.

  • The most erogenous organ-Your tongue: Now this is really a juicy subject. The tongue is The-part where the bacteria's luv to thrive. To clean your tongue use soft bristles brushes further softening them with warm-water. Then put a little toothpaste and brush. You can also use tongue-scraper. Now if the reflex action is gagging then don't hesitate to spit out the whole scum. To make you feel comfy try bending over the sink with your tongue hanging out like a dog! Hah! Hah!

  • A doctor-in pain-keeps the bad breath away: That's the tip of the millennium. Don't ever neglect toothache. It could be that your gums are swollen or some other problem may occur. Chuck it! If this is also not the case then also in very six-month duration you should see your dentist for regular cleanliness.

Check these habits as well:

  • Always rinse your mouth after a cup of coffee or tea.

  • Stop using toothpicks or pins and even clips.

First of all it's unhygienic and secondly it creates gaps between teeth's, the practice evens loosens your teeth roots further leading to accumulation of food particles inside your mouth.

Last but always the winner: Always take time to take long deep-breathe; take lots of water not only after the meal but also in between the whole day activities. The best way to check your bad breath is: put your right hand in front of your mouth, inhale deeply and then exhale, sniff the exhaled breathe of yours. Yep! The answers are all in front of you.
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