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Wanna Change


Mr. Right ?

Wanna Change your Mr. Right ?
  • Have you been dating this guy for the past one-year but now you are attracted to someone else?

  • Are you tied up in knots regarding the men in your life?

  • After months of going steady with your boyfriend someone else has entered your life… and you want to break off?

The normal human psychology, when you fall in love with a person, is that the feeling is here to stay forever! Love is a beautiful emotion and you feel that you cannot stay without the object of your affection. Therefore you may assume that you can never experience the same feeling for any other person.

Alas! This is not always true. Lovers quarrel, engagements are broken, love pledges are returned and even married couples take divorce!

However, a long-term commitment definitely needs to be evaluated before you can make any decision. If you act on your impulses… if you don't "look before you leap" you may go straight "from the frying pan and into the fire"!

  • Have you and your present boy friend started taking each other for granted?

  • Have you all stopped courting each other?

  • Has sex become a matter of routine?

  • Is there no spontaneity in your relationship?

  • Has your relationship become more of convenience and obligation?

In such a case you both need to shake yourselves out of this apathy!
Someone new and exciting has just walked into your life and it has brightened up. You are feeling perked up and flattered! You are in a stage of infatuation head over heels.

Right now you are seeing this new guy through 'rose colored spectacles'. When you spend more time with him this phase will pass away. You will see him as he is - with his faults and imperfections. You then start comparing him unfavorably with your earlier boy friend. This will take you to square one. Then, you will get infatuated by next prince charming…

In addition, in general, we humans tend to give all in our first relationship. In the second relationship we reserve a lot.

Life's like that sweetie! Don't judge a book by its cover. Take your time to fall in or out of love.




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