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taken men

flirt ?


  • Is your sister's hubby flirting with you?

  • Has your friend's boy friend made a pass at you?

  • Is your best friend's husband hitting on you behind her back?

You may be wondering - why should this be happening to you? You may be upset by this behaviour and feel that you do not do anything to encourage this behaviour. Taken men may flirt for various reasons.

Check out the following list to spot your problem zone:

  • Firstly, such types of men are completely unfaithful. No feelings of loyalty can hold them back.

  • Some men are compulsive flirts. A pretty face, a sexy figure, a friendly smile or a short skirt can get them going.

  • These men may feel secure enough with you to feel at liberty to flirt with you. They feel you will not "tell up".

  • The most important thing for a man is what he does not have. You may possess some qualities that is absent in their partners.

  • If a married man flirts it is more on sexual grounds. The size of your breasts or bottoms could be his fascination.

  • The passion may be ebbing in their present relationship. You may be igniting some kind of ardent desire in them. For an MCP it may also be an ego boost.

  • These men may be in 'sick' relationships and are looking for an escape route. You may be unknowingly sending signals that you are open to their moves. Be wary of your body language. Avoid meaningful eye contact, excessive laughing or mindless banter.

  • Are you permitting these men to spend time exclusively with you.

  • It is most likely that you are an intelligent, charming, friendly, warm and compassionate person. These are qualities, which such men find irresistible.

If you want such behaviour to stop, you must check out the following tips:

  • Make it clear to them in no uncertain terms that you are not "game".

  • Don't give them any opportunity to be alone with you.

  • Use your body language to discourage them.

  • Make it very clear that your loyalty lies with your friend (Girl in this case).
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