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Way's out

of a

Relationship ?

Ways Out of Relationship !

"Let's just be friends..."

  • "I love you like a brother / sister / aunt / uncle / cousin / family pet named Chikoo..."

  • We need some time apart to find ourselves (and it may take a lifetime to do so)..."

  • "We should see other people (and less and less of each other in that time!)..."

  • "I'm not ready for this type of commitment..."

  • "We've met at the wrong point in our lives...maybe in a few years things would be different..."

  • "We have something so special it couldn't possibly last a lifetime..."

  • "Friends can't be lovers (especially in our case!)..."

  • "We have too much fun together... we'd never do anything separately and I'd wind up resenting you someday (like I maybe am starting to do right now?)..."

  • "I need some time to myself, to see what's right and true (and the cute blond that just walked by...)..."

  • "It's not you, it's me (who has a problem, and it's YOU!)." (Please Read Copyright Notice, Disclaimer Policy & Privacy Policy)