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Dating !
Why older men
the show?


Younger Men
Older Men !

  • Are you attracted to the married man next door?

  • Do you find your new boss who's in his 30's irresistible?

  • Are you fantasizing about your friend's brother-in-law?

Hmmm… I'm sure you'd like to know the reason WHY! Curious aren't you?

Let us pitch the younger men versus the older men:

Younger Men:

1) Their Personality:

  • Young men at twenty odds are still searching for their identity, discovering their talents and seeking the girl of their dreams.

  • They are more sexually oriented.

  • They are experiencing many things in life for the first time.

  • They are in the process of evolving and growing with their experiences.

  • Consequently they are too preoccupied with their "selves".

  • Their attitude is "I, Me, Mine" first.

  • They may be cool & confident at one moment while confused at the next.

  • Ambivalence & anxiety is a part of their psychological makeup.

  • They may be passionately interested in you at one moment while disinterested at the next.

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