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Romance !


ou do it?

Office Romance !
  • Are you working in an office where you've met Mr/Ms. Right?

  • Are you not able to keep your mind off your colleague?

  • Are you madly in love with each other and work in the same office?

  • Do you intend to declare your feelings to someone you're in love with… but working in the same office?

Well… First of all it is much better to keep your romance away from the office.

The most obvious reasons are:

  • Dating in the office is hazardous because ones it is out in the open either of you will lose the job. Remember boss always has his pets around and he generally keeps his options open for a 'one night stand' with the female in question. Nothing can come his way buddy! He is the BOSS. And that now he knows that the female in question is of 'that type' the male is dumped. Line clear…

  • Distraction in the work place creates hindrances to your work. Your output will be unsatisfactory.

  • There will be tension in the atmosphere, as you'll have to make a tremendous effort to keep your feelings from showing.

  • At times it even polarises the office staff to back either one of you.

  • Career prospects can be hampered because inter departmental or office confidential matters may be leaked by one of you to the other and thereby to your colleagues.

  • A strong bias naturally occurs, as you are unable to judge each other's work critically.

No wonder most offices do not allow or encourage relationships at the work place. If you are really in love then switch over jobs before things get ugly for either of you. In case you realise you just have a crush on this person you might as well lay off!!




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