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Face Reading !


  • Dark lips: He has extravagant sexual needs, knows exactly what he wants in bed, isn't too shy to take the initiative, may amaze his partner with his uninhibited passion.

  • Long, thick upper lip: Dominated by his own urges, may neglect the wishes of his partner.

  • Large mouth: His partner's arousal is as important as his own, imaginative lover, knows how to give as well as take, takes his time reaching an orgasm, very potent lover.

  • Small mouth: He is a controlling but interesting lover who knows how to celebrate sex as an art, always has a quick orgasm, inventive erotic imagination.

  • Very fleshy upper lip: He has a high sexual tension, ready to put unconventional fantasies into practice (makes no difference whether it happens in the elevator or the bed).

  • Fleshy upper lip which is broad to the corners of the mouth: Incredibly inventive lover, likely to combine pain and pleasure, may like to be dominated and abused.

  • Lower lip thicker than upper lip: Very sensual lover, searches compulsively for love and eroticism, may have a long and varied list of affairs. Full lower lip- talkative.

  • Full pout lips: He may be shy of foreplay, once he overcomes his initial inhibitions he prefers threesomes.

  • Pursed lips: He is difficult to satisfy in bed.

  • Corners of the mouth turned down: Prefers changing partners over a real relationship.


  • Large front incisors: He is very sensual.

  • Uneven teeth: He has a compulsive sexual need.


The nose is linked to personal wealth. Thus, by studying someone's nose, you can tell whether that person will be financially well-endowed or not. It is also believed that the key to divining a man's sexual power is his nose.

  • A straight nose is linked with success in life.

  • Fine, thin wrinkles or lines below the base of the nose, running parallel with the mouth: He hardly thinks of anything else but sex, wild urge to be loved in every way imaginable.

  • Roman nose: He needs a challenge, if his thirst for sexual conquest is satisfied too quickly then his lust for a particular person may fade.

  • Turned-up nose: He isn't consumed with passion when in love, but once he is sure of his partner he can develop eroticism through sensuality.

  • Angular, down turned nose: These are the people who know spend only if necessary.

  • Snub nose: Prefers romantic sex in traditional positions, rarely tries erotic experiments.


The ears determine your fortunes from birth until the age of 14 -- the left ear from birth to 7 and the right ear from 8 to 14. Large and well-developed ears represent good luck during your childhood. Large and thick earlobes are a sign of intelligence, and are often associated with wealth and a long life.

  • Large, fleshy, bulging earlobes: Vivid erotic imagination, perfect lover.

  • Small earlobes: His blocked feelings may spoil his enjoyment of sex.

  • Ears that lie flat to the head: Conventional love life, not willing to experiment.

  • Pointed ears: His seductive sexual manner leaves hardly a desire unfulfilled.

  • Ears set low: Idealistic, romantic and optimist.

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