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The Dauntless Tiger

Birth Year 1926 1938 1950
1962 1974 1986 1998

Your personality:

The dashing and plucky Tigers are much respected for their courage and nobility. If there is a cause to fight for, an army to lead or a challenge to betaken up - the Tiger people will be in the forefront.

They like an exciting and flamboyant style of life. Their dynamism spurs the Tigers on to achieve great success.
The Tiger haven't learnt to slow down their pace and have not learnt - " to look before they leap". Thus Tigers often take rash and hurried decisions.

Tigers love to command therefore they are not good at teamwork.
People fear their ferocity. Though they seem to be rough and tough from outside they basically soft and mushy inside!!

In love they are intense and romantic.

Your weaknesses:

Brash, hot tempered, incautious, acrimonious, temperamental, defiant, rapacious, insubordinate and impudent.

Your strengths:

Adorable, charming, warm, benevolent, honest, diligent, affable, self-reliant, charismatic and utopian

Your favorites:

  • Color: Bright red

  • Birthstone: Ruby

  • Lucky #: 7

  • Favorite snack: Fruit pies with sprinkle of cinnamon!!

  • Your idea of relaxation: Sipping chilled lemonade while listening to the trumpet!

Dating: In case you're WONDERING what sort of a person would be the best date for you -you may try the following:

  • You may have a steamy affair with the Horse.

  • The Ox and you may be happily married!

  • The Dragon and you may team up well together.

Whom to avoid:

  • You can never be satisfied with the Pig.

  • The Snake and you will be at loggerheads.

Check by Signs:

Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit
Dragon snake Horse Goat
Monkey Rooster Dog Pig

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