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The Prudent Pig

Birth Year 1935 1947 1959


1983 1995 2007

Your personality:

If you happen to meet a noble, upright, courteous, trustworthy and sincere person you should know that you've met a Pig.

Though taciturn and erudite a Pig can be very gullible. He can be talked into doing anything for others….. and he'll be serving others happily. He has not learnt how to say NO.

If you're looking for a faithful, caring and loving friend you must befriend a Pig. However Pigs can even be snooty at times and they have enormous pride in their excellent taste and good breeding.

A Pig unfortunately cannot resist food and can simply gorge on delicacies.

A Pig is overwhelmed by grandeur. He has an expensive taste and loves fine things.

In short the Pig has a" loving and giving " personality.

Who wouldn't want to meet a Pig.

Your weaknesses:

Quick tempered, intolerant, dictatorial, over ambitious, caustic and jealous.

Your strengths:

Friendly, extrovert, considerate, well mannered, helpful, benevolent, frank and thoughtful.

Your favorites:

  • Color: Purple

  • Birthstone: Moonstone

  • lucky #: 5

  • Favorite snack: All possible spicy delicacies with generous sprinkle of oregano.

  • Your idea of relaxation: Sipping Bordeaux while listening to the cherubic harp.


In case you're WONDERING what sort of a person would be the best date for you -you may try the following:

  • If you've found a Rat -you've made it!

  • For an everlasting marriage you can go for the Dragon.

  • The Goat and you will be in 'cloud nine'.

  • The Rabbit and you would make a cozy two-some

Whom to avoid:

  • If you come across a Snake go the other way. to a Snake.

  • The Tiger and you will have to try hard to work it out.

Check by Signs:

Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit
Dragon snake Horse Goat
Monkey Rooster Dog Pig

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