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The Frivolous Monkey

Birth Year 1932 1944 1956


1980 1992 2004

Your personality:

The Monkey brings sunshine and good cheer to all and sundry. If you are bored and feeling down-go and meet a Monkey friend! He'll surely drive the clouds away.

They are loving and giving and exude energy. Their exuberant personality makes them frequent Party-goers. The Monkey, in all probabilities, will have great stock of jokes!

Like the Pigs the Monkeys too have a passion for food. However unlike Pigs they prefer snacking.

They have an expressive nature. Thus you'll when he's got the blues or when he's in the seventh heaven!

They are easy to get along with because they are easy going and not in the least opinionated.

Many find the Monkeys- unscrupulous, go-getters and careless. But the Monkeys don't bother what the others think of them and will carry on with whatever they feel like doing. With talent and good communication skills the Monkeys are often successful people.

The Monkeys are faithful friends but are fickle in love. They however make ardent lovers.

Your weaknesses:

Opportunists, trivial, high-strung, precarious, apathetic and inattentive.

Your strengths:

Frank, devoted, open handed, affectionate, playful, cheerful, entertaining, quick witted, resourceful and persuasive.

Your favorites:

  • Color: Yellow

  • Birthstone: Tiger-eye

  • Lucky #: 10

  • Favorite snack: Fruit tarts with a dash of cinnamon.

  • Your idea of relaxation: sipping icy lemonade while listening to the guitar.


In case you're WONDERING what sort of a person would be the best date for you -you may try the following:

  • They can get along famously with Rats!

  • If you're looking for stability you can go for the Ox.

  • If you want to be admired the Pig will satisfy you.

  • The Tiger and you will have a steamy affair!

Whom to avoid:

  • Keep the Horse at an arms length.

  • You will be indifferent towards the Goat.

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Dragon snake Horse Goat
Monkey Rooster Dog Pig

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