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The Timid Rabbit

Birth Year 1927 1939 1951


1975 1987 1999

Your personality:

Rabbits are artistic, fashionable, sensitive, compassionate and cute. They are liked by all and sundry because of their sweet disposition.
In spite of being easily accepted they have an innate sense of insecurity. As a result most rabbits are not enterprising. 

They are cautious and often focus on the negative aspects of life.
Rabbits by nature are very peaceful and don't like to cause any trouble to others. He's in some ways an escapist.

They are also very emotional and get easily moved by other's misfortunes.

Your weaknesses:

Prudish, closed, vain and recluse.

Your strengths:

Sophisticated, gracious, homely, decorous, diplomatic and thoughtful for others feelings.

Your favorites:

  • Color: Grey

  • Birthstone: Sapphire

  • Lucky #: 4

  • Favorite snack: Fish fries with mayonnaise sauce(with lots of pepper in it).

  • Your idea of relaxation: Drinking Bordeux while listening to Chopin!

Dating :

In case you're WONDERING what sort of a person would be the best date for you -you may try the following:

  • Dragon and you may team well together!

  • Goat and you could be a cozy two-some.

  • If you find a pig you both will definitely make it.

Whom to avoid:

  • Think twice before you say YES to a Snake.

  • Don't be in a hurry with a Rooster.

  • No point trying an Ox. Just won't work.

Check by Signs:

Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit
Dragon snake Horse Goat
Monkey Rooster Dog Pig

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