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The Patient Ox

Birth Years 1925 1937 1949
1961 1973 1985 1997

Your personality:

As the name suggests the Ox people are diligent and are willing to work very hard at whatever they do.

They are often very idealistic and tend to hold extreme viewpoints. There is no opinion between good and bad for them! They are critical of those who don't feel the same way.

The Ox is very often an introvert. At a party if you meet someone sitting aloof and not seeming to enjoy all the hullabaloo it would most probably be the Ox. They are dexterous. So I suppose a craftsman who is an Ox will be much in demand…. May be even a surgeon.
The Ox has an extreme temper. Nobody would like to be around him when he's in one of his "fits" !!

They are also very rigid about their views…..and will not budge an inch to accommodate anybody elses. They are likely to practical and intelligent.

As a friend and family person he'll be great! His loving and patient nature will endear him to you. he will not shirk his responsibilities. And will be by your side when you need him most!

Your weaknesses:

Hot tempered, M.C.P, dictatorial, haughty, aloof and finical.

Your strengths:

Steady, ponderous, poised, industrious, skilful, glib and loyal.

Your favorites:

  • Color: Dark blue

  • Birthstone: Lapis lazuli

  • lucky #: 1

  • Favorite snack: Beef balls with a sprinkle of coriander and sage.

  • Your idea of relaxation: sitting with a mug of tea while listening to the tuba.

Dating :

In case you're WONDERING what sort of a person would be the best date for you -you may try the following :

  • If you've found a Rooster -you've made it!

  • If you're contemplating marriage you can go for the Snake.

  • The Rat and you will go steady.

Whom to avoid:

  • Keep the Dragon at an arms length.

  • The Tiger and you will be terrible together.

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