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The Radical Rat

Birth Years 1924 1936 1948
1960 1972 1984 1996

Your personality:

Rats have a charming personality. They are usually party-lovers and rather garrulous. Despite being an extrovert they do not easily open up to anyone. They are honest souls and conventional at heart.
Due to their hedonistic attitude towards life-"they'd love to make hay while the sun shines"! He can thus accomplish a great deal in a short time.

Though intelligent and instinctive once the Rat has made up his mind - it would be easier to move a mule than the Rat people!! A rat likes to organize his work and execute it immaculately. He will even be quite fussy over the quality of work. Therefore he may not be the ideal person to work with.

With money matters his duality surfaces. Though he may save like the pauper he'll spend like the king!!

Though complex in nature The Rat people make devoted and true parent, child, friend or lover.

Your weaknesses:

Domineering, critical, egoistic, nervous, erratic, miserly and solicitous.

Your strengths:

Loyal, kind, quick-witted, honest, talented, smart, sensual and affectionate.

Your favorites:

  • Color: Ochre

  • Birthstone: Emerald

  • Lucky #: 11

  • Favorite snack: Sweet bread with coriander chutney.

  • Your idea of relaxation: drinking claret while listening to Mozart!

Dating : in case you're WONDERING what sort of a person would be the best date for you -you may try the following :

  • The Ox if you want peace and security.

  • The Monkey if you want some fun out of life!

  • Try the Pig if you want to admire and be admired.

Whom to avoid:

  • You'll scoot to see the rabbit.

  • The Goat may not interest you.

  • Keep far away from the Horse.

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Dragon snake Horse Goat
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