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Signatures of Love...


Cupid is the son of goddess of love, Venus. According to the myths he is responsible for people falling in love.


Lovers often use the symbol of a heart pierced by an arrow. This symbolizes Cupids arrow. Cupid could cause people to fall in love by piercing them with one of his magic arrows.


The beauty and the fragrance of a rose has made it a very special flower. Roses have been most favored by lovers. The different color of a rose can be used to convey different messages:

  • Red Roses are meant for passionate love.

  • Pink roses for sweethearts.

  • White roses are for true and pure love.

  • Yellow roses are for friendship.

  • Black roses to bid 'Adieu'.


We have learnt to associate all kinds of feelings with heart. A person in love often experiences a heavy sensation in the heart… or a feeling of exhalation. So the heart has become to symbolize 'Love'.


They are a species of colorful parrots found in Africa. They move around in pairs and do not separate from their mates throughout their lives. Together they nurture their young ones.
Love Birds have thus come to symbolize love and faith.


Christians believe Doves to symbolize purity and innocence. For two people in love we often use the term - 'Lovey-Dovey'.
Doves are found always in pairs and are often found pecking each other.


The concept of love knots came from the mystic Arabian lands where conservative Muslim ladies used to send messages to their lovers woven through the knots of a carpet. These days ribbons are used.
Love knots are a symbol of eternal love.


In most countries all over the world, men and women exchange rings on the day of their engagement or marriage. Rings have come to symbolize the bonding of two hearts.


Diamond - because of its beauty and unique properties is generally used in engagement rings or to be set beautifully in rings which are exchanged in marriages. Thereby diamond has come to symbolize the ultimate expression of true love.




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