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Infatuation ?

What is Infatuation ?

Confused?? Whether you are in love or is it infatuation?

Here's what infatuation is?

  • Infatuation can be identified as a strong and at times overpowering desire for a person of opposite sex.

  • It is based on physical attraction. "Love at first sight" syndrome is nothing but infatuation.

  • When it's infatuation basically you "judge the book by its cover". If a girl is breathtakingly beautiful or a guy is irresistibly handsome - you do not care how she or he may be as a person. Yet you desire…

  • When love is skin deep you are extremely possessive. Since you neither know nor understand the other deeply - you feel insecure about your relationship.

  • Based on infatuation a relationship will be ridden with petty jealousies. This again reflects how little you know each other and how unsure you feel.

  • When it's merely infatuation, you will realise how little is your concern for the other. You will think of gratifying yourself first at the cost of your lover's emotions. In short selfishness characterises infatuation.

  • When you are merely infatuated - your relationship can never withstand 'the trials and tribulations of life. Like when a storm comes your relationship will be uprooted and will leave you standing alone…

'It' often starts with infatuation but the relationships that are strong, healthy and wholehearted drift towards maturity… and that is LOVE.




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